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3 Trends In Cryptocurrency You Should Be Watching in 2022




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Cryptocurrency is a thing now. There’s no denying that. Even though it’s still super-new, there are plenty of investors, entrepreneurs and financial experts who have already realized the worth that lies in this emerging asset class. With that being said, there are a number of trends occurring right now which will soon begin to shape the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. The following list will delve into the top three cryptocurrency trends in 2022:

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in everything from computers to the way we shop. It is also impacting the world of cryptocurrency. Many people, including members of major financial institutions, say that artificial intelligence will be a part of the next generation of trading. Even entire blockchain platforms are being built on artificial intelligence, with one example being SingularityNET.

Another trend is the use of artificial intelligence to detect bot farms that are used to artificially increase the value of altcoins. Other uses involve using AI in conjunction with stock trading software and cryptocurrency exchanges. The combination of AI and blockchain could also have a significant impact on cybersecurity, freeing up resources to deal with more complex threats.

Some experts even predict that in the future, artificial intelligence could be used to manage cryptocurrency portfolios for traders or even replace them altogether.


Financial institutions using cryptocurrencies more heavily

For years, financial institutions were hesitant to accept cryptocurrency as anything other than an investment opportunity. They were worried about the volatility, the legal implications and how they could be used by potentially nefarious actors. In 2022, many of these institutions are going to look at cryptocurrency as a way to make their own processes more efficient and secure by utilizing blockchain technology for things like settlements and record keeping.


Crypto on the Go – Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are the new trend that cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers are developing to enable users to access their wallet via their mobile devices. Technological advancements have enabled this form of payment to be more accessible, convenient, and secure.

Cryptocurrency mobile wallets have made it possible for users to exchange cryptocurrencies without any third party or custodian. This means people can transfer funds from one address to another without any restriction. It has also become easier to trade cryptocurrencies through these wallets. Additionally, users can monitor their transactions using these wallets.

The use of cryptocurrency mobile wallets has made it easy for people to own and trade cryptocurrencies in a manner that is convenient for them.



Although the cryptocurrency industry has already come a long way, these trends will undoubtedly help shape how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are used in the coming years. Keep an eye out for them, as they will likely change but not replace the way we perceive and interact with cryptocurrency.