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Crochet Passion Twist- What are they & How long do they last?

Annelise Sylta



Crochet passion twist

Looking for something different and unique to do with your hair. Well, crochet passion twists are in trend. Passion twists can be used to pull an astonishing hairstyle without damaging your natural hair. It is an easy and fun way to switch up your look and turn yourself into a boho girl. Read the complete article to know more about crochet passion twists- what are they, how long do crochet passion twists last among other details about the same.

All you need to know about Crochet Passion Twists

What are crochet passion twists?

how long do crochet passion twists last

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Crochet passion twists are inspired by bohemian passion twists hairstyle. They became popular when a popular hairstylist Kailyn Rogers aka The Boho Babe brought it to limelight through her Instagram photo. Crochet passion twists are a way to carry two-strand twists and give you bohemian vibes. These are lightly braided hair that gives a beautiful style. These can be easily installed and can be worn in different lengths. Crochet passion twists support your natural hair and provide a protective layer in summers.

How to install a crochet passion twist?

  • To do a crochet passion twist, you need to carefully wash, moisturize and blow-dry your hair. You do not need to straighten your hair completely to have some texture for the faux hair/ or hair extensions for the grip to hold your hair and blend them through the installation process.
  • The texture depends on your curly hair. You need to have a clean and moisturized scalp to avoid breakage.
  • To install a crochet passion twist, divide the hair in desired sections and passion twist like a regular braid and use crochet to make it crochet passion twist.
  • Twist your strands in direction of the curls and apply gel to the braided area to secure it near the roots. You can also use twist crochet hair which is pre-looped for easy application.
  • For the middle section, and back of the head, you can use the passion twist rubber band method for easy application.

How long do crochet passion twists last?

It requires a lot of effort to set up a proper crochet passion twists. It is thus a genuine query as to how long do crochet passion twists last.

  • With proper care and maintenance, crochet passion twists can last up to two months.
  • Smaller crochet passion twists last longer if they have volume.
  • Crochet passion twists that are longer can affect your natural hair health if kept for many weeks.
  • These are perfect for a vacation as you can even swim without worrying about the braids getting wet.
  • To protect your natural hair, keep your scalp clean using cleansing scalp spray.
  • The shorter the twist, the more they last and also provide volume to the hair.

How much do crochet passion twists cost?

Crochet passion twists are affordable compared to other braided and twisted hairstyles. The crochet passion twists can cost between $150-$250, depending upon the quality of faux hair and other materials needed to install and take care of the hair.

FAQs about crochet passion twists-

  1. Do I need to prepare my hair before installing a crochet passion twist? Yes, you need to clean and moisturize your hair carefully.
  2. How many packs of crochet braid hairstyle will I require? It depends upon the style, length, and volume you are going for. For crochet passion twists, you might need 4-5 packs.
  3. What are the brands from which I can get good-quality crochet hair? Freetress, Outre Batik, Model Model.
  4. Can crochet passion twists be installed at home? Yes, you might need to consult some videos before doing so.

Hope you enjoy creating this unique trending hairstyle.

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