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What is the cost of an eyesight test in Costco Canada?

Annelise Sylta



Whicch is the best vision center? The one you can get to quickly and easily. Just drive into any Costco location, and you can get the best eye examination from a licensed optometrist. If you are wondering what the cost of an eyesight test in Costco Canada is, then this article offers an insight into it.

Costco Optical Canada

Costco is one of the largest retailer in the world. Costco Optical is very well established in the US and Canada. As we know, Costco is known for pocket-friendly products that are of a great quality. Their staff consists of well-qualified and licenced health care professionals that have worked for many years and have extensive knowledge of the subject. You can feel assured that you are getting the finest optical care when visiting the Costco Optical department.

They have a wide range of offshoots contact lenses, brand-name designer frames, sunglasses, and more. All of this in a single store, with the most delinquent technology in high-definition lenses available to date.

Eye test cost at Costco Canada

An eye test cost in Costco costs around $50 to $100 (without insurance). Although, the glasses and frames are excluded from the quoted price. The price varies depending on the type of eye exam you need. The price is higher for a lens exam and if you need dilation.


1. Does Costco accept Eye Insurance?

Yes, Costco accepts most of the health insurance plans. So, if your health insurance covers an eye exm you can get that done at Costco.

2. Do the insurance company cover eye tests, especially OHIP?

Yes. insurance companies like OHIP covers one eye test every 12 months for insured persons. But it depends on the plan you have opted for and if an eye exam is covered in your insurance plan.

3. Which Costco centres have the facility of an eye exam in Canada?

Costco states on its website that eye exams are available on most Costco wholesale locations and more that 90 locations have an independent optometrist available. Their hours of operation may vary from location to location, but generally you can expect to be able to see one of their optometrists during normal working hours.

4. How much does a pair of glasses cost in Canada?

According to Costco Canada’s online store, the starting cost of reading glasses is just $14 for a pair. They also have a huge spectrum of lenses and glasses. Check the glasses available at their online store.

5. Does Costco membership have a free eye test within it? 

Yes, the membership given by Costco includes a free assessment of your eyes in it for all its customers.

6. Can I get an outside prescription to get glasses from Costco?

Yes, you can buy glasses at Costco without getting an eye exam there. You can also get an eye exam and not buy your glasses at Costco.

7. How long does it take Costco to make glasses?

If you purchase your glasses from their store, it will take Costco around 5-7 days to make your glasses. If you are ordering your pair from an online store, it will take a seven-day making cycle and an approx ten days delivery time, based on your selected locality.

Costco Optical Prices are comparable to their major competitors. It is a one stop shop for a quality eye test as well as great glasses at bargain prices. So, go get that eye test today!

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