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Core Payment Solutions – A Cost-Effective and Reliable Merchant Service Provider For Your Business

Ryan Lenett



core payment solutions

Due to the global market, the economy has changed, and new technologies have transformed how we live, work and play.

In a world of growing startups and e-commerce, a customer will seek the most convenient payment solution for their needs.

Today, we’ll discuss Core Payment Solutions, one such merchant service provider.

What is Core Payment Solutions

Core Payment Solutions ( is a global leader in merchant services. They have received thousands of positive reviews from their customers in Los Angeles. 

core payment solutions review

Core Payment Solutions offers payment gateway solutions and POS solutions for e-commerce portals and local business owners.

They provide other services, too, such as helping business owners process credit card payments, schedule staff, and more.

Core Payment Solutions was built for businesses that demand quality solutions and individual attention to their specific payment needs.

What Makes Core Payment Solutions Unique?

Core Payment Solutions offers credit card processing programs that don’t include any processing fees. There are two different options for this program: cash discount and surcharge.

Cash discount model
If the customer pays in cash, they will receive a 3.99% discount on all products.

In case the customer opts for the credit card or signature debit card payment option, they have to pay the full amount.

There are no processing fees and the merchant gets to keep 100% of the sale amount.

Surcharge model
There is an additional charge of 3.5% for the customer if they choose to pay with their credit card.

The merchant only needs to bear the processing fee for the tips and debit transactions.

To find out more about the specialties of this merchant service provider, we got in touch with Trenton Acrey, the Vice President of Core Payment Solutions.

This is what he had to say – 

“We work with small businesses, online merchants, home-based businesses, e-commerce sites, entrepreneurs, and big companies to provide secure payment processing solutions.

As a merchant service provider, Core Payment Solutions is dedicated to providing you with the best options for your business. We provide everything that your business needs to get paid online and in-store.”

Core Payment Solutions Features

Core Payment Solutions offers a variety of features. We’ll highlight a few of those characteristics below.

1. Solution For Point Of Sale (POS)

Core Payment Solutions has collaborated with Clover to facilitate the execution of services such as credit card payments, sales monitoring, staff scheduling, and inventory management. This is a one-stop, all-in-one solution.

2. Secure and Reliable Merchant Service

Enjoy the convenience of paying online using your credit card. Your credit card gets processed within one business day (or instantly if you pay a small fee). The payment gets transferred straight to your bank account.

They provide a payment gateway that allows for secure transactions via their proprietary online cryptogram and EMV chip-based technology. They combat credit card fraud by using the same technology. This ensures added security and efficiency in comparison to other payment gateways.

Visit to discover more about Core Payment Solutions and its services.

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