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Conversational Media ‘Holler’ raises $36 million in Series B

Jaleel M



The power of media always finds its way in investment and funding. Despite so many social and other media outlets existing, there is always room for something better. Owing to this demand of conversational media, Holler announced a clean sweep in the Series B funding as it raised $ 36 million.

The founder and CEO of Holler, Travis Montaque suggests that Holler is a conversational media. You might have already used the app when adding stickers or GIFs to payment apps like Venmo. Ever noticed that the stickers have a little “powered by Holler” identifier. So, in addition to making payments, it leads to expression of emotion or just initiating a  conversation.

It is not a known fact that when Holler began its journey, it started as a news and video content app. Then, in 2016, it started focussing on messaging. Montaque agrees that messaging is the most important experience in an online environment. He told Tech Crunch, “Messaging is the most important experience for people online. It is where we communicate with the people who are closest to us.” He further states his point saying, “It seemed bizarre that we haven’t seen much innovation in the text messaging experience since the first text message was sent in 1992.”

Holler’s partners include Paypal-owned Venmo and the Meet Group, all focus on bringing more content to app messaging. They aim at enriching the conversations happening on media platforms.

Holler aims at the creation and curation of the most compelling GIFs and stickers. They are brought to reality through Holler’s Suggestion AI Technology. They take into consideration the context and content of the conversation. Bifurcation becomes essential at this point as the GIFs in a dating app and the GIFs in a work chat have to be different. Therefore, Holler focuses on the context.

The content of Holler is monetized with partnering brands like Ikea, Starbucks, HBO, etc. The brands are incorporated in stickers and GIFs and they end up being an inherent part of the respective brand’s library of content.

Holler already has a massive fan base. The content of Holler has a user follower count of 75 million users in one month. Surprisingly, that’s a huge jump as just last year, the users were a sheer 19 million users in a month. With an increase in the usage and user base, the revenue of the company has also shown a growth of 226%.

Series B, which was co-led by CityRock Venture Partners and New General Market Partners has great anticipations about Holler. Oliver Libby, CityRock’s Managing Partner, said in a statement, “Holler is more than simply a groundbreaking technology company. Under Travis Montaque’s visionary leadership, Holler boldly stands for a new era of ethics in social media, and also deeply reflects the values of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.” Considering the times wherein inclusivity is the keyword, Holler aims at creating a virtual paradigm that accepts and presents values in that manner.

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