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Continued Chaos in Ukraine




Ukraine is used to standoffs between leaders. This is what happened on Wednesday in the eastern city of Luhansk. Armed men in their hundreds made sure that nobody entered several government buildings in the city. The standoff had been caused by two Russian backed leaders who could not agree with one another. Reports by local news media revealed that armored vehicles were present on the streets. This prompted fear in many residents who decided to free the area. The deadlock began on Monday in a region that refers itself as the . Local media reported that the dispute began when the prime minister fired an interior minister who was not willing to leave office. The office of the prime minister had stated that the interior minister had been fired for an illegal activity. Since the conflict began in 2014, thousands of people have died in the two breakaway regions. These regions are Luhansk and Donetsk. Various factors are to blame for the escalating relations between the two regions. For instance, Russia has blessed the conflict that’s mostly driven by financial gain and political control. Things were even more complicated at a meeting that had been called by Petro O. Poroshenko, the president of Ukraine. The military notified the leaders that there were some Russian tanks that had entered the Luhansk region.

The president said in a statement that his country was ready to take the necessary measures to protect his people from the increasing Russian activities and mercenaries in the area. Things escalated on Wednesday when a video was released showing Luhansk prosecutor’s office being attacked by forces that were well armed. The forces were loyal to the deposed interior minister who was identified as Igor Kornet. The video was released by a news media outlet that is linked to the Russian government. The newspaper that is known as Novaya Gazeta reported that approximately 20 people working for Luhansk prosecutor’s office had been detained. The attack is said to have been carried out by men loyal to the Berkuk riot police. Nonetheless, there was a good number of the attackers that were unarmed. The interior minister appeared in a video hours later denying that he had been dismissed by the prime minister. He called it a misunderstanding, but things had returned to normal. Later, the Prime Minister Igor Plotnitsky issued a statement on national TV saying that he was disgusted by the insubordination of the interior minister.

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