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Consensus 2020, to be hosted virtually




Consensus 2020

One of the biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain events in the world, Consensus, had to change its plans, due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, unlike other similar events, it won’t be completely canceled, as it will be hosted online instead, at no charge. 

Anybody will be able to attend!

According to an official announcement made on March 13 by Coindesk, the industry publication that coordinates the entire event, Consensus 2020 will turn into a “completely virtual experience”. This will allow attendees from all over the globe to join the event online. 

Those who have already bought a ticket to the physical event will receive a refund in the next 60 days. The organizers have also expressed confidence that next year’s event will be “better than ever”. 

Coindesk revealed that the conference will be hosted in May, featuring some top platform providers, who agreed to support the effort to stay safe during this period. 

World’s top crypto even, on a screen near you

“We are working with best-in-class platform providers to support this effort and are committed to bringing the entire crypto community together with the high-quality content you have come to expect from CoinDesk,” an official announcement reads. 

“With premier speakers discussing the most important topics of our time, all coordinated by CoinDesk’s experienced journalists and moderators in a rolling live TV-like experience, we are confident a virtual Consensus 2020 will be an enriching experience for our audience. And everyone can enjoy it from the safety of their homes.”

Ever since the first edition, Consensus was recognized as one of the major annual gatherings of the crypto and blockchain world, featuring big names as keynote speakers, like Square CEO Jack Dorsey or Fred Smith, from FedEx. 

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