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How to use Cobra Walkie Talkies?

Annelise Sylta



Cobra Walkie

Mobile networks are worst while traveling to remote places or on a hike leading to inefficient communication. To avoid such issues, one can make use of walkie-talkies. These radios are a way to communicate efficiently with another party using the same frequency on each radio. Let us check how to use cobra walkie talkies and some common FAQ’s.

What are cobra walkie-talkies?

The cobra walkie-talkies are one of the biggest brands that manufacture effective two-way radios with varied characteristics. The features provided by the company range from low-cost to high-cost. These can be used for business purposes, and, are also water-resistant. The cobra company provides long-range two-way radios which are long-lasting with good power options. You can enjoy using these for cruise ships, road trips, camping and hiking, and lots of other indoors and outdoors activities as well.

 Instructions to use-

  • Make sure to charge the batteries-

The very first step is to charge your radio batteries. To charge the cobra radio, turn them off and insert the battery into the desktop charger indicating the light is on. When the light goes off, unplug the charger and insert the batteries back into the radio.

  • Turn back on the radio-

Press the power button for 2-3 seconds to turn on the radio and release when you hear a succession of tones, signifying the radio is now in standby mode. Press the “max range” button to determine the distance range of the radio, indicating the transmission mode of the radio.

  • Check the transmission range-

After turning on the radio back, check the distance range that is transmitting through the radio. This step will allow you the channel the communication testing.

  • Select a channel-

After adjusting the distance range to maximum, do select a channel for clear communication. One can choose from the 14 channels using the ‘up’- ‘down’ button. The radios should be on the same channel to receive and emit communication.

  • Communication Process-

After adjusting the range and channel, you can start communicating with another person on the walkie-talkie. Press the ‘talk’ switch and hold the radio almost 2 inches from the mouth. To end the call, release the button. If you wish to transmit to other parties, press and release the call button. They will be alerted by a brief tone.

  • Brighten the screen-

If you wish to brighten your display by 10 seconds, press the ‘light’ button.

  • Power saving mode-

If nearby, switch the radios to low-power output. This will save the battery power. If you need maximum range, switch to high-power mode.

Operating tips-

  • Adjust the volume using up and down buttons on the side of the phone.
  • Attach earphones for easy operation.
  • Do not expose the walkie-talkie in extreme temperatures.



What is the highest range of cobra walkie-talkie?

The highest range includes from 35-38 miles.

Is cobra walkie talkie waterproof?


How long does it take to charge the radio?

It takes approximately 15 hours to charge the radio.

You can check the Cobra Walkie Talkie here.

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