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Clearabee’s Rubbish Removal Squad is Here to Help You Eliminate Metal Waste With the Environment in Mind





The summer is winding down. If you are like most people, you still have some junk around the house that you would like to clear out before the weather worsens. Take a close look at the rubbish in your garage, basement, attic, yard and beneath your deck. You will likely find one or several pieces of scrap metal. Clearabee’s rubbish removal team is here to help you eliminate all of your junk including those pesky metal items without compromising the integrity of the environment.


Eliminating Metal Items in as Green a Manner as Possible


Do not be intimidated by the prospect of getting rid of those metal items that are in and around your home. Though these items tend to be large and heavy, it is possible to dispose of them with the assistance of Clearabee’s rubbish removal team. So don’t panic if those metal items do not fit in your trash bin. Ideally, you won’t even consider placing metal items in the trash. It is possible to recycle such metal objects.


Ally with Clearabee for rubbish removal and we will do everything in our power to bring your metal items to a specialist who will recycle them. This way, you won’t have to fret about finding a metal recycling organization, fitting your items in your car and hauling them off. Let Clearabee’s rubbish removal specialists do all of that work on your behalf. This way, you can rest easy in the comfort of your home while the best in the business make your living space that much more livable.


Metal Recycling is Challenging but Necessary for Posterity’s Sake


Though just about everyone knows aluminum cans can be recycled with ease, few are aware that nearly every single piece of junk metal can be recycled rather than dropped off at a landfill.

Recycling scrap metal is more difficult than most think. There is even an element of danger in this task. As a result, municipal disposal services do not provide much assistance in metal recycling. There is surprisingly little information on the web and elsewhere about scrap metal recycling compared to the recycling of glass, aluminum cans and paper.


The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries reports over 100 million American adults are unclear as to what can and can’t be recycled. The same number of people are unclear as to where they can obtain information about recycling processes. This means one-half of all American adults are woefully out of the loop in regard to recycling. It is nearly a guarantee the same holds true for those living in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Add in the fact that the recycling of metal is under-publicized and it is easy to understand why most people simply give up on any thought of recycling metal waste. The little-known truth is scrap metal is reusable. It really is possible for that pile of scrap metal that seems like nothing more than a pile of junk to be recycled and re-purposed for consumer products, industrial products and beyond.


The Push to Recycle Scrap Metal is Steadily Gaining Steam


A recent piece published by the Construction Equipment Guide states the price of scrap metal has increased. It is the first bump in price across the past half-decade. The uptick in price was especially noticeable following the United States’ November ’16 presidential election. The price boost is excellent news for the scrap recycling industry as prices for metals had dropped across the prior five years. This downturn caused numerous scrap metal companies to go out of business. Take a moment to let this shocking statistic sink in: Industry insiders report there is enough scrap metal material available to recycle and meet the production needs of nearly every manufacturer across the globe. Such metals can be recycled to make everything from vehicle parts to metal products for construction purposes and aluminum soda cans.


The problem is too few people are willing to make the effort to recycle their scrap metal. This is where Clearabee’s green rubbish removal service steps in. We haul your scrap metal and other items to environmentally-responsible recycling centers so the most can be made of these seemingly useless items. Thankfully, the number of people recycling old and purposeless metal is steadily increasing. If everyone were to contribute to this recycling stream, we would minimize metal waste and have a steady supply of base materials for all sorts of industries.


Reduce Your Strain on the Environment by Recycling Rubbish With Clearabee

If you have rubbish of any sort, including scrap metal, please do not toss it in the trash or dumpster and assume it will end up in the right place. Reaching out to Clearabee’s rubbish removal service when you need your old or broken metal picked up is the best option for the planet and its residents. This is the safest and most economical means of removing scrap metal in a green manner. We are the environmentally-friendly rubbish removal service you have been looking for. We go to great lengths to recycle as much undesired metal as possible.


So don’t bother trying to move around those bulky pieces of metal on your own. You might end up hurting yourself or damaging your vehicle. In fact, the scrap metal might be too large to fit in your vehicle. Don’t’ forget about the fact that there are serious risks in the handling of metal. Furthermore, attempting a DIY (do it yourself) metal removal will waste fuel as you travel to and from the drop-off site with several loads.


Let our team remove your rubbish and you will ultimately save plenty of money, time and effort. We will deposit your pieces of scrap metal at a nearby recycling facility, re-purpose them ourselves or find someone who can find a use for them. Contact us today to learn more about our rubbish removal services. We will answer your questions, address any concerns you might have and schedule a pickup date and time for your rubbish.



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