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Clearabee’s Guide to Preventing Identity Theft Prior to Rubbish Removal




A surprising number of people throw out personal items including financial documents, legal paperwork and other sensitive material without thinking twice. Though it is quite tempting to place such items in regular trash bags, doing so has the potential to backfire in a major way. Evildoers really will invest the time and effort necessary to tear open those garbage bags and search for private information. They will use the documents they find in your rubbish to steal your identity, access your bank account or credit card or even open a new line of credit in your name. You have the power to prevent this from happening.

Trash: Is It Private or Public?

It is hard to believe some courts have ruled items placed in trash bags and trash cans are no longer private documents. This means if you place a letter from your bank with your name, address, social security number and/or bank account number in your trash, have it hauled away and someone finds it in a landfill, it is no longer your property. This is precisely why you must do a bit of planning when starting a rubbish removal project. Clearabee is here to help. If they notice any potentially sensitive documents or other items when performing rubbish removal, we will let you know right away. However, much of the garbage we haul away is concealed in bags and other containers. It is in your best interest to take the appropriate steps to keep your sensitive information out of the hands of wrong-doers.

Protect Yourself by Thinking Like an Identity Thief

Identity thieves will stop at just about nothing in their quest to steal a target’s identity. After all, most of these criminals spend a large portion of their waking hours attempting to pilfer information. These thieves will go as far as making the rounds at landfills as well as trash placed in bags and cans outside of homes. Even something as seemingly harmless as a piece of junk mail has the potential to result in identity theft. It is imperative that you alter your mindset during rubbish removal projects in order to keep your information out of the hands of identity thieves. Do not put any type of paperwork or documentation in the trash. Though it is easy to simply toss these items in the garbage can, doing so puts the money you have worked so hard to earn at risk. This careless action also jeopardizes your credit rating to boot.

Take Action to Prevent Identity Theft

The moral of this story is to sweat the small stuff. Do not discard seemingly harmless items such as envelopes that display your return address. Such envelopes often bear the name of your bank, physician, insurance provider or another institution. A skilled and experienced identity thief will have the patience necessary to collect such odds and ends to form a complete picture of you and your life. You can prevent this from happening by handling the preliminary work of your rubbish removal projects with care.

Shred all items you no longer need or desire that contain information about you, your loved ones or your business. Shredded items make the sensitive information they contain irretrievable. In general, shredding any item with your address, name, legal information, medical information, account number, social security number or signature is prudent. When in doubt, shred it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Clearabee is at Your Service

If you schedule rubbish removal with Clearabee and later realize some of the documents you would like to have hauled away are not shredded, we can help. Point out the bags, boxes or other containers with the sensitive documents. We can remove them so you can shred them. Alternatively, we can shred those items on your behalf to provide you with an invaluable peace of mind.

Identity Theft Caused by Stolen Rubbish is the Easiest Crime to Prevent

Doing your part to prevent identity theft is quite easy. Add a shredder to your home office or other space and you will be able to safely eliminate all those documents that contain your private data. This is a simple and fairly quick means of protecting your good name and finances yet plenty of people do not take it. They assume no one will be willing to sort through their rubbish to collect information and eventually steal their identity. Take the little bit of time necessary to shred your documents and you will have done everything in your power to prevent the drama, pain and financial loss caused by identity theft.

Never Underestimate the Determination of a Thief

Some readers will peruse this piece, consider adding a shredder to their home or office and ultimately decide tearing up sensitive documents into small pieces will suffice. This is a monumental mistake. Information thieves really will sort through your rubbish, even if it is in a landfill, piece together the torn portions of your documents and steal your private information. These thieves do not have a conventional 9 to 5 job to go to. They can literally spend all day piecing together the puzzle of your life.

Clearabee can Help Protect Your Identity

Ally with Clearabee for your rubbish removal and they will do everything in their power to prevent your identity from being stolen. They explore every avenue before dropping off rubbish at landfills. If possible, they will recycle your items. This includes the shredded documents you have us haul away in bags, boxes and other containers. This way, there will be absolutely no chance that a criminal will obtain access to your account statements, letters and other documents containing sensitive information.

The combination of shredding and subsequent recycling makes it impossible for an information thief to  obtain your data. It is a drastically superior rubbish removal solution compared to dropping everything off at the closest landfill like so many of our competitors do. Clearabee takes the road less traveled to protect your identity and make your life as easy and comfortable as possible.





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