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Citigroup’s Strategic Business Reorganization: An In-Depth Look

Ryan Lenett



In a significant move, Citigroup has announced the closure of its municipal underwriting and market-making activities. This decision forms a key part of the bank’s massive cost-cutting reorganization under the leadership of CEO Jane Fraser. Fraser’s ambitious plan, known as “Project Bora Bora,” aims to streamline the bank’s operations by dividing it into five interconnected business units: services, markets, banking, wealth, and U.S. personal banking.

Reasons Behind the Shutdown

According to a memo from Andy Morton, Citi’s head of markets, and Peter Babej, interim head of banking, the economics of the municipal business “are no longer viable given our commitment to increasing the firm’s overall returns.” The bank plans to complete the wind-down by the end of the first quarter, with most of the unit’s staff expected to leave the firm in the subsequent months.

Impact on the Municipal Business

Once a dominant player in the municipal business, Citigroup has seen its position weaken over the years. In the third quarter of 2023, the bank slipped to the sixth position from the third a year earlier, underwriting $16.2 billion with a 6.1% market share. This decline was further exacerbated by scrutiny from the Texas attorney general, who halted Citigroup’s ability to underwrite most municipal bond offerings in Texas, accusing the bank of discriminating against the firearms sector.

Rising Competitors

  • Bank of America continues to hold the top spot in municipal underwriting.
  • RBC Capital Markets and JPMorgan Chase are other significant players.
  • Jefferies Financial Group, a New York-based company, has shown remarkable growth, jumping to fourth place from eighth in just nine months.

Citigroup’s Organizational Changes and Layoffs

The reorganization under “Project Bora Bora” is expected to bring about significant job cuts. Estimates suggest that layoffs could total 10% of staff, approximately 24,000 employees. These cuts have reportedly already begun and include more than 300 senior manager roles. Fraser has acknowledged the unpopularity of these changes but emphasizes their necessity for boosting the bank’s profit margins.

Continued Support for Municipal Clients

Despite the closure of the municipal business, Citigroup has committed to supporting its municipal clients with pending capital issuances and transitioning to other underwriters as needed.

Future Outlook for Citigroup

Citigroup is expected to provide more insights into its reorganization plans with its fourth-quarter earnings release in January. This strategic move is part of a broader effort to enhance the firm’s overall returns and align with the changing dynamics of the financial industry.

Impact on Employees and the Market

The decision to shut down the municipal underwriting and market-making activities will inevitably lead to job losses. The memo from Citigroup’s executives indicates that most people working in the unit will leave. This is a part of the broader estimated layoffs affecting about 24,000 employees, or 10% of the staff. Such large-scale job cuts not only impact the lives of the employees and their families but also have ripple effects on the market and industry talent pool.

Strategic Realignment and Market Position

As part of its strategic realignment, Citigroup is repositioning itself to focus on more profitable and sustainable segments. This move comes at a time when the bank has seen a slip in its position in the municipal underwriting business, dropping to sixth place. The shift in focus is aimed at bolstering other areas where Citigroup can leverage its strengths to gain a competitive edge.


Citigroup’s decision to close its municipal business marks a significant shift in its strategic focus. Amid rising competition and changing market conditions, the bank is realigning its resources to better serve its long-term objectives. While the decision has been met with some resistance, it is a crucial step in Citigroup’s journey toward a more efficient and profitable future. For more information on Citigroup’s restructuring plans, visit their official website.

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