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Co-stars Damon, Blunt Laud Cillian Murphy’s Stellar Performance in Nolan’s Epic “Oppenheimer”




In the highly anticipated film “Oppenheimer,” Cillian Murphy has taken on a role that is monumental and overwhelming by any standards. As J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist who led the Manhattan Project during WWII and ultimately created the atomic bomb, Murphy has exhibited a masterclass in acting, leaving co-stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in awe of his performance.

“A Marathon Masterclass in Acting”

As part of the ensemble cast of “Oppenheimer,” Matt Damon, who portrays U.S. Army lieutenant general Leslie Groves, has expressed his deep admiration for Murphy’s commitment and intensity to the role. In an interview with People magazine, Damon explained that the “Batman Begins” alum couldn’t join the cast’s dinners due to the heavy demand of his role. “His brain was just too full,” Damon noted, lauding Murphy’s dedication. He described the actor’s performance as a “marathon” masterclass in acting.

Murphy’s Mesmerizing Performance

Emily Blunt, who plays Oppenheimer’s wife Kitty in the film, echoes Damon’s sentiments. She was equally impressed with the sheer volume of work Murphy had to shoulder for his role. “The sheer volume of what [Murphy] had to take on and shoulder is so monumental,” she told People, “He’s so mesmerizing. I don’t know how he retained the storm of this movie for so long. What he was able to play in the duality of that character, and every moment, it’s so exciting.”

Nolan’s Faith in Murphy’s Capability

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Damon also shared the confidence that director Christopher Nolan had in Murphy’s ability to carry the film. “Chris knew the whole time, he said, ‘I’m gonna call it ‘Oppenheimer’ I’m not gonna call it ‘American Prometheus,’ which is the name of the book, because it’s so important that it’s really this guy’s subjective experience,” Matt elaborated, “The whole movie, he said, was gonna ride with Cillian, and so he goes, ‘I’m gonna put this entire thing on his back.’”

Acting Reunion and Off-set Camaraderie

Meanwhile, Damon and Blunt enjoyed a pleasant reunion more than a decade after their last collaboration on the 2011 movie “The Adjustment Bureau.” Today, the pair are friends and neighbors, often going on double dates with their respective spouses. The close proximity even played a part in the casting for “Oppenheimer,” as director Nolan was initially hesitant to approach both actors on the same day out of concern that it would seem like a matter of convenience.

Peering Into the Future

The anticipation for “Oppenheimer” continues to soar as its theatrical release on July 21 approaches. Murphy’s portrayal in the film is expected to be “one of the greatest performances ever known,” and it’s evident that his commitment and diligent work towards mastering this role will likely make an impact on global audiences. To get more information about this movie, click here. Although their present concern lies with “Oppenheimer,” Damon and Blunt indulged themselves in a jovial conversation about a potential sequel for “Adjustment Bureau.” Regardless of the fact that the idea remains in speculation, they appear receptive to it, with Emily proposing an interesting take on the original storyline – “In the reprised part, I’ll be donning the fedora whereas he’ll showcase his dance moves,” she playfully hinted. “It promises to be phenomenal.”