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Christina Applegate’s Social Media Account Hacked with Suspicious Cryptocurrency Posts

Ryan Lenett



Christina Applegate’s account on the social media platform, X – previously known as Twitter, recently alarmed fans with a slew of posts related to cryptocurrency and NFTs. While initial messages from the account dismissed concerns, the actress’s representatives have confirmed a hack.

A Platform with a History of Issues

  • The transformation of Twitter to its new identity, X, following a takeover by “You Know Who”, has presented a number of challenges including revived anti-Semitic accounts and potential monetization of the platform.
  • However, one persistent issue remains: accounts can still be hacked, reminding users of vulnerabilities that existed even before its rebranding.
  • Applegate’s hack adds to the narrative that even high-profile users on X are not immune to cyber threats.

Uncharacteristic Messages Spark Concern

Applegate’s account, followed by over 1.6 million users, took a stark diversion from its typical posts. Messages suddenly glorifying cryptocurrency began to dominate her feed. The account’s pinned tweet, which included a link to the OpenSea NFT marketplace, read: “I am loving NFTs! I almost lost my NFTs a few days ago, I had to migrate my NFTs cause of the new contract upgrade! DON’T LOSE YOUR MONEY!!!! I CARE ABOUT ALL MY FANS!!! I ❤ CRYPTO! #CRYPTO #Bitcoin #Ethereum.”

A subsequent tweet encouraged users to spell out ‘Applegate’ in the comments for a chance to be followed back by the actress.

Denial of the Hacking Incident

Concerns over these uncharacteristic posts led many of Applegate’s followers to suspect foul play. In a bid to assuage these suspicions, a post appeared on Applegate’s feed denying the allegations. The message read, “Everyone, I am not hacked. I have simply been struggling with my illness and have been looking into internet currency (like Cryptocurrency) please stop this accusation,” alluding to Applegate’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2021.

Confirmation and Reaction

  • Despite the account’s denial, Applegate’s publicist eventually stepped in, confirming the hack to media outlets including The Daily Beast and EW.
  • The representative was quoted saying, “Her account was indeed hacked. We are trying to fix that.”
  • By late Tuesday, many of the cryptocurrency posts had been removed from Applegate’s feed, suggesting that measures were being taken to rectify the situation.

Not an Isolated Incident

This isn’t the first time a celebrity’s social media account has been hacked, and it highlights the importance of security measures for users, irrespective of their follower count or fame. Platforms like X have an inherent responsibility to safeguard user data and ensure robust security protocols.

Individual Responsibility

On an individual level, users must be proactive. This includes setting strong, unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and regularly monitoring account activities. Users should also be cautious of suspicious links and refrain from sharing personal details or login information, even if the request appears to come from trusted sources.

Platform Responsibility

On the platform’s side, there’s an immense responsibility to build and maintain robust security infrastructures. Investing in advanced cybersecurity measures, prompt patching of vulnerabilities, and providing users with tools and education to protect themselves are essential. Moreover, platforms need to be transparent about potential threats and breaches. By alerting users to potential threats and guiding them on steps to secure their accounts, platforms can help mitigate risks.


Incidents such as the hacking of Christina Applegate’s social media account serve as a potent reminder of the vulnerabilities that exist in the digital space. It underscores the importance for individuals to be vigilant about their online security and for platforms to continually enhance protective measures. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the onus is on both users and platforms to collaborate in ensuring a safer online environment.

Every user, whether a celebrity or not, entrusts their personal information and digital footprint to these platforms. The latest incident involving Applegate isn’t just a breach of an account, but a breach of trust, one that raises questions about how safe users really are on these platforms. Such incidents call for a two-pronged approach to ensure the security of online spaces.

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