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Choosing the Best Virtual Assistant for your Home




At one given time, you must have heard the term the Internet of Things. Did you know that it’s possible to connect nearly everything in your home to the internet? This could be your garage doors, lights, thermostats and even the air-conditioners. After they have been connected to the internet, they can then be controlled using a smart speaker or even a mobile device. However, it might sound like a simple thing but setting up a smart home could be the hardest task for many people. Remember that there are a variety of products that do the same task. The only difference is that some of these products will work better than others. This article offers you an insight of how you should go about in setting up your first voice-controlled home.

Virtual assistant
The success of your voice controlled smart home is determined by the virtual assistant you go for. There are a variety of assistants in the market such as Siri by Apple, Alexa by Amazon and Assistant by Google. With simple commands, you can achieve great things when using these applications. For instance, with the command Alexa, you get to turn your lights on and off. Each of these devices has its benefits and disadvantages. However, with an insight into each of the device, you can choose the one that suits your needs better.
Alexa by Amazon
The Alexa has its pros and cons. Some of its pros include: First, the device is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Second, the device has over 10,000 skills and also has many third-party capabilities. Third, the Echo dot is the cheapest smart home controller as it will cost you only $50. The smart gadget is also easy to set up and control.

Assistant by Google
Some of the advantages associated with the Assistant by Google include regular update meaning that you will always be running on newer versions. The product is quite affordable as it goes for $130. Its speakers will cost you approximately $50. Looking at the Assistant in terms of artificial intelligence, experts and analysts have said that the product is better compared to Siri and Alexa.

Siri by Apple
This is the most secure assistant for people who have privacy concerns. Data transferred between the gadget and Apple devices is safe as it is encrypted. The Apple’s HomeKit easy integration makes it easy to set up the gadget in your home.

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