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Charts Show People Using Apps to Prepare for Hurricane Irma




Hurricane Irma is currently tearing through the Caribbean. Residents of Florida are preparing for the worst, as Hurricane Irma travels their way. Many in Texas were unprepared for the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Residents of Florida are currently preparing for Hurricane Irma with the help of apps.

NBC News notes that apps didn’t exist during Florida’s last major hurricane. Social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter, have helped keep many people connected during Hurricane Irma. These websites still remain hugely popular but it hasn’t stopped certain apps from rising in popularity. Apple’s App Store features an entire section of helpful apps for hurricane preparedness.

Many have downloaded Zello Walkie Talkie, making it the most popular app on both Apple and Google’s app charts. This app offers simple communication, allowing people to communicate in real-time with the push of a button. While Hurricane Irma hasn’t yet hit Florida, many residents are leaving nothing to chance. It’s important to note that a cellular or wireless internet connection is needed for Zello to work properly.

Florida residents are downloading weather apps to track Hurricane Irma in real-time. An app called Snap Maps is allowing people to find posted videos from a specific area. Many people are using the technology of Snap Maps to see where conditions are across Florida.

One problem Florida is facing is a potential gas shortage. Residents continue to flee Florida as the impending hurricane draws near. Many gas price apps are rising in popularity for several reasons. People are using these apps to find both price information and updated gas availability. Heavier populated areas in Florida, including Miami and West Palm Beach, are being the hardest by this shortage.

In summary, Hurricane Irma is preparing to hit Florida. Many residents of this state are using apps to fully prepare for the upcoming storm. Communication apps have become extremely popular in Apple and Google’s respective application stores. Apps displaying travel information are needed by many, as they prepare to leave their homes. The vast number of Floridians leaving the state is causing gas shortages to occur, making gas price apps popular. Hurricane Irma is currently wreaking havoc in areas of Cuba and will approach Florida soon.

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