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Charles Mason Dies at the Age of 83




The New York Times today confirmed the death of Charles Mason. For history lovers, this is a man who is regarded as the 20th century most notorious killer and one who managed to remain culturally present. The Times learned that he died of natural causes in Kern County, California. Having spent the better part of his life in prison, the killer passed away at the age of 83. Information about his death was confirmed by the Californian Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He will be remembered as a failed musician as well as a semiliterate habitual criminal. This was long before he became the leader of the organization called the Mason Family. For starters, this was an organization that consisted of young people in the state with some of their rituals being killing people for pleasure. Perhaps his most notable crimes are from two nights in 1969 when a total of seven people were brutally killed. The crimes came to be known as the LaBianca murders. During these two nights, together with his followers, Charles Mason managed to kill an actress who was eight months pregnant. Her name was Sharon Tate, and she was killed alongside four other people. This is an actress who was engaged to Roman Polanski, the famous film director of that time.

These are events that earned the Mason family a persistent dark pace in American culture. These are murders that didn’t go unnoticed as they led to the creation of several internet fan sites, films as well as opera and pop songs. These murders have also been written in a non-fictional book known as Helter Skelter by Curt Gentry and Vincent Bugliosi. This book was written in 1974. It’s worth noting that Mr. Bugliosi had a first-hand experience of the murders as he was the lead prosecutor. The Mason family had the national attention back in 2008 when there were rumors that some victims have never been found. This resulted in a wide-search of the Death Valley with search teams returning empty handed. Until his death, the mastermind of the murders managed to remain an enigma. People could not differentiate whether he was a paranoid schizophrenic or a social path. What all analysts agreed on is that he was devoid of human feeling. There are speculations that he was a charismatic guru who managed to make people see him as a god. Other experts said that he was a flotsam.

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