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Cellular Agriculture-Liberation from the Food Chain?




We have now almost entered the space age and the two big space companies that of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk opine that it will be very much possible for humans to colonize other planets like Mars and Moon in the not-so-distant future. Humans are on the course to becoming a multi-planetary species.

Though the human body will not undergo any further evolution in the way Darwin has explained. Yet in the coming future human race is expected to witness advancement in physical and mental capabilities with enhanced integration of future age technologies with the human body like cyborg abilities and advanced neuro powers.

The philosophy of cellular agriculture

Cellular agriculture is a technology by which plant and animal cells can be grown in labs to form tissues that are consumed for nutrition. The process of cellular agriculture relies on stem cell multiplication and fermentation. Under stem cell multiplication, stem cells from animals and plants are obtained from live beings in a painless and harmless manner and these are grown in labs as various animal and plant body parts, muscles, and tissues. In the fermentation process, a culture like yeast is used for producing essential food substances like milk and egg white.

Food has been a major challenge for the human race. Having to source nutrition from live animal and plant sources makes humans more like other animals. As a human race we live on principles of justice and we want to extend human principles for the protection of nature, mother earth, and its beings. We may want to stop the animal slaughter and even indiscriminate felling of trees for clearing land to grow crops. From trees we get fruits and seeds that have wholesome content of essential nutrients our bodies need, we don’t have to excessively depend on plant parts like leaves, roots, and stems for nutrition. In the present age, cellular agriculture can help us become humans in the true sense. We can increasingly source our nutrition from food products supplied by the cellular agriculture industry and supply chains. Hence as the human race prepares to leave earth for colonizing other planets it can seek to restore Mother Earth’s trees, plants, and animals and the lost biodiversity.

Present status of the cellular agriculture industry

The cellular agriculture industry is a worldwide endeavor. Enzymes like rennet used for producing cheese that is found in the gut of animals are being produced using cellular agriculture technology for several decades now. The industry has all scope to expand into the production of other food products. At present 70 companies around the world including startups and even leading meat producers are working to develop the sector. Renowned celebrities are investing in the sector to support the cause. The sector is likely to garner government support from most parts of the world. In 2018 The American Food and Drug Administration FDA proposed a supportive and favorable framework for the development of the sector. According to the cellular agriculture industry experts, the sector has the potential to produce tasty food for a large number of people populations worldwide. In the coming years, cellular agriculture is expected to show progress as more and more people around the world awaken to its philosophy.

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