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Will Smith to Emma Watson: 8 Celebs who turned down iconic roles




You will be surprised to know that your favorite character, Rogue from ‘X-Men,’ or Spock from ‘Star Trek’ was going to be played by someone else.

Here’s the list of stars who turned down classic roles.

Stars who turned down iconic roles


1. Amanda Seyfried- “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Amanda Seyfried, the Mamma Mia famed actor, was concerned that Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy would underperform at the box office, so she declined the part of Gamora, which was eventually given to Zoe Saldana. But last year, on a show, she accepted that she had the wrong perspective about the Marvel movie released back in 2014.

2. John Cryer- “Friends”

Although it’s difficult to picture anybody other than Matthew Perry portraying sarcastic Chandler Bing on Friends, Jon Cryer was initially considered for the part. Upon auditioning, Jon, who believed himself to be more of a serious performer rather than a comic one, turned it down. Afterward, he co-starred in the famous sitcom Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen.

3. Paul Giamatti- “The Office”

Paul Giamatti, a huge movie star, fresh off the triumph of his leading performance in the Oscar Winner flick Sideways. It’s no wonder that when he was given the role of Michael Scott in the American remake of the British comedy The Office, he refused. Why would a film star switch to television? Paul Giamatti had no idea that The Office would go on to be a huge hit, lasting seven seasons.


4. Emma Watson- “La La Land”:

Emma Watson, a well-known Harry Potter actress, came close to playing the role that earned Emma Stone an Oscar Award for Best Actress in March 2017. Emma Watson revealed in an interview that she dropped out of the film owing to schedule issues with Beauty and the Beast, a movie she had been working on for years.

5. Emily Blunt- “Marvel Franchise”:

Scarlett Johansson walked in for the role. In the 2010 film “Iron Man 2”, Emily Blunt turned down the role of superhero Black Widow. She stated that it was never the appropriate moment and didn’t work out in terms of timing.


6. Will Smith- “The Matrix”:

Will Smith stated he was much keener for doing what he believed would be a commercial smash after the success of a series of films, which is why he passed down The Matrix. Though he soon regretted turning down the part in the immensely successful movie.


7. Rachel Leigh Cook- “X-Men”:

Anna Paquin portrayed Rogue’s character in the X-Men film series, but the part was originally offered to Rachel Leigh Cook. In a question and answer session, the actress stated that she preferred not to shoot on a green screen but instead decided to work on a number of smaller projects.

After having viewed the blockbuster’s posters, she realized she had made a mistake by rejecting the film.


8. Martin Landau- “Star Trek”:

Spock is a popular character among Star Trek fans across the world. This was almost played by Martin Landau (from Mission: Impossible) instead of Leonard Nimoy, who played the role to perfection. Martin stated that he rejected Spock’s role because he did not want to play an emotionless character.

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