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What is a cash card for HBA?

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what is cash card for hba

A cash card is a visa debit card used for in-store and online purchases through its cash app balance. A cash card is a money transfer tool where you can send and receive funds directly similar to PayPal. Through the cash card app, you can invest in stocks as well as in cryptocurrency. Cash card has partnered with HBA and has provided many benefits for its consumers. Cash cards for HBA are designed uniquely. To understand this partnership, let’s understand the working of HBA cash card, and questions, like what is HBA? What is a cash card for HBA? & more.

What is a cash card for HBA?

In its 2020 initiatives, HBA announced a partnership with a financial service platform, the cash card app. The initiative was brought in by Shayne Oliver and Hood by Air to launch limited-edition T-shirts and Cash cards as a part of committing support towards charity. All proceeds collected from the sales of t-shirts and cash cards are donated to Black Trans Femmes in the Arts, Emergency Release Fund, and Gays & Lesbians Living in A Transgender Society, in efforts to give back to the community. This will help HBA’s charitable effort to support Black, LGBTQ artists, and communities, local police reform, and associated BLM causes.

What is HBA? –

HBA stands for Hood by Air. Hood by Air is a streetwear brand based out of the US, founded by Shayne Oliver. HBA is famous for its oversized tees, bold graphics, and logos from the ‘90s. HBA closed down back in 2017 but relaunched in 2020.

Cash card * HBA-

what is cash card for hba

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With its relaunch in 2020, HOOD BY AIR partnered with the online payment app called Cash app to release a limited edition Cash Card. The Cash card by HBA features a metallic grid of EMV-style payment chips designed by Shayne Oliver of HBA. HBA cash cards are free and offer customizable debit cards to Cash App customers.

Working of HBA Cash card-

HBA’s Cashcard balance can be used anywhere in stores or online. To get an HBA cash card, you can order the card through the cash app. The cash card will arrive in around 10 business days. After you get the card, you can use it the same way you use a visa card. Once you receive the HBA cash card, the cost will be donated to Anonymous Club that supports the initiative.

To know how to check Cash Card balance read here.

Cash card for HBA- terms, and conditions-

Cash cards for HBA are limited edition thus you should be familiar with the terms it comes with.

  1. HBA cash cards are sold on first cum first serve basis.
  2. If lost or stolen, the HBA cash cards will not be replaced. In case you request a placement, you will receive a regular cash card.
  3. The amount received from HBA cash card sales will be donated to charitable organizations that support Black Trans Femmes in the Arts, Emergency Release Fund, and the LGBTQ community.
  4. The organization will receive the funds through Cash App.
  5. The funds sent to charitable organizations do not qualify for taxes.

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