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A Case in Lower Manhattan involving Turkish Citizens




If there is one thing that is keeping the Turkish people glued to their TVs, it’s an ongoing case in Lower Manhattan. The case has developed a huge following from Turkish citizens as well as government officials. The case that was brought about by the Trump administration is accusing two prominent business people from Turkey. The prosecutors say that the two men colluded to ensure that the sanctions that are directed towards Iran by America are not followed. Even before the case began, the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had pleaded with American officials to drop the case. However, the president has changed his stand and has switched to damage control mode. Instead, he has decided to taint the American judicial system with a black image. The jury selection is expected to begin on Monday.

The case is being tried in a federal district court. This trial comes at a time when the case has been swallowed by the allegations that Reza Zarrab has agreed to a deal. For starters, Mr. Zarrab is one of the leading defendants. He is in detention for allegedly smuggling billions of dollars to the Middle East country. However, this happened in the form of gold. There are rumors that he has agreed to testify on corruption charges against other higher profile people. The Times reported that the other defendant is Mehmet Hakan. His case is expected to go ahead even if the other defendant testifies for the government. Prosecutors with the case have said that other seven people are still at large. They are connected with this case. Mr. Hakan used to be a Turkish banker before he was arrested. He has said that he is not guilty and is not interested in a plea.

The lead defendant was arrested one and a half years ago. He was touring America with his family during the incident. His arrest has made tensions between Turkey and USA to rise. The relationship between Turkey and US is at its lowest as we speak. The case is expected to kick off tomorrow. The current Turkish president is worried about the testimony that will be offered by Mr. Zarrab. He faces some political consequences such as having Turkish banks blacklisted by America. The president continues to insist that the trial has been rejuvenated to remind people of a past failed coup. He said he was aware of what would arise from proceedings.

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