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Can You Microwave Pyrex?




Pyrex is a well-known brand in the American household. It is a brand known for kitchenware products that are a little more heat resistant than other products of this category. While the material is considered to be great for ovenware, there is always a question that remains in the minds of users.

Does Pyrex melt in the microwave?

Pyrex doesn’t melt in the microwave in normal circumstances. It uses borosilicate glass to produce kitchenware to be used in a microwave. 

Type 7740 Pyrex has a melting point of 1,510°F or 820°C. Appliances like the microwave do not reach that level of heat and hence there is no worry of Pyrex getting melted when you place them in a microwave.

Can you microwave Pyrex?

As per the manufacturer, it is safe to use pyrex glass for a conventional oven as well as a microwave oven.

The material is harder and thicker than other brands’ glassware. However, there are some aspects of this product that you must know in order to understand whether or not you can microwave Pyrex.

Pyrex is microwave safe when you follow the instructions. For example, make sure not to use cold Pyrex in a high heat microwave. Instead, pour hot liquid into a cold Pyrex measuring cup. Alternatively, you can also place a hot Pyrex dish on a cold surface.

Do not make the mistake of exposing cold Pyrex to high heat microwave and hot Pyrex to cold surfaces after microwaving. While Pyrex is a good conductor of heat energy, the thermodynamics of heat transfer may make the Pyrex crack or shatter.

Are Pyrex dishes microwave-safe?

The manufacturers of Pyrex advise users not to shock the glass by putting the dishes in water or on cold surfaces after heating.

Exposing glass products to constant temperature changes can make them go through a thermal shock. This thermal shock is a process where parts of a material expand in different ways creating cracks or shattering within the hardened material.

During the exposure of Pyrex glass to rapid temperature changes, it becomes difficult to handle the stress from uneven expansion. This could cause a burst or breakage.

For instance, when you take a Pyrex glass from a freezer and place it in a microwave, it could cause a small explosion.

A simple tip to microwave Pyrex

Pyrex follows the basic thermodynamics of expansion and contraction due to fluctuations in temperature. One of the best ways to microwave Pyrex is to follow the instructions for safe usage and mentioned by the manufacturer.

It can explode or shatter only under certain unwanted conditions. If used wisely, it is absolutely safe and durable.

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