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Business Success Beyond Quality Products: The Distrivision Way




When a business improves, it contributes to making the world a better place to live in, in one way or the other. It’s good to see that, slowly but surely, businesses globally are beginning to focus on delivering quality products that improve quality of life. As this change takes effect, another one stands at the corner, waiting patiently to be reeled in. For Katherine Grullon Cuervo, Business Lead and Co-Founder of Distrivision, bringing about actual change and, thus, true business success is crucial. In this article, she talks about having a great product yet being able to see beyond it. Katherine also underlines what it takes to manage a thriving venture in an uncertain world.

Look beyond an outstanding product

While creating an outstanding product should be every business’s top priority, the efforts shouldn’t stop there. Companies must focus on various aspects that can take their ventures to the next level. Many businesses fail because they fail to look beyond a great product. It’s crucial for businesses to set high goals for themselves and find ways to meet them.

Katherine puts it simply, “When we have a goal in mind, we can accomplish it. Even though we can encounter obstacles along the way, in which life is full of challenges; we must overcome them. I truly believe there are no obstacles that can prevent us from achieving the goal we set for ourselves, it’s a matter of changing the path to get there in an honest manner and working hard pivoting along the way.”  Skills learned by her mother, Maria Ruth Cuervo, founder of Distrivision, a visionary woman who built the company from ground zero since 2003.  

Evolve or perish

No amount of good products can save a ship in peril. However, what truly can is a visionary way of looking at the ocean one’s sailing in. The world of business can turn to choppy waters without a moment’s notice. At this hour, only the well-prepared prevail; those with the foresight to develop means that can be trusted to hold the fort during a catastrophe can keep the ship of business from going under the water.

When Covid-19 triggered a global rampage, it took Katherine and other leaders of Distrivision with as much surprise as it did the rest of the world. But they were quick to adapt, having developed a mindset that showed them that the market is not a one-season world. Their first move was to develop work-from-home strategies, not only for the business but also for the well-being of their staff and field agents. In fact, they strategized so thoroughly that they continue to partially work on the virtual model even today. 

Good values always save the day

In our world of persistent change, the one thing that can keep us grounded is our value system. It may sound old-school, the tradition that has no place in today’s fast-paced world, but values come to the rescue when clever strategies fly in one’s face.

For Maria Ruth and Katherine, “Compassion and teamwork come first. Being peaceful and caring for others is essential, while putting others first makes a big difference” are among the basic tenets that hold the ground under a company’s wide feet and keep it from crumbling in the moment of crisis.

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