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Business of games coaching broadens its horizons – Metafy adds $5.5M in its seed round

Esperanza Gomez



Metafy-an esports startup coaching that matches gamers and instructors has declared that it has added $5.5M in its seed round. DCM, Forerunner Ventures, and Seven Seven Six worked as a trio in the round.

Josh Fabian, the CEO declared that the company has grown tremendously in nine months. From incorporation to GMV of 76,000 thousand dollars, it is soon catching up with the market.

“We started Metafy because we believe that a future with careers in gaming is more exciting than one without them. Today, Metafy is actively developing the technologies to make this possible, with a long-term goal of enabling a million players to make a living doing what they love.” wrote Josh.

The CEO explained that his startup focused more on coaches than trainees. This enabled the company to make coaching a full-time gig. This, in turn, helped the company not to worry about marketing spends as the coaches brought their audience. This created a perfect space for attracting loyal user bases like Smash. Metafy intends to follow games with a strong fan-following.

Metafy has plans of bringing in more games under its belt and thus adding more capital to increase its team. Presently, the company has 18 employees and the CEO has plans of increasing the number to 30. 

Games have already taken a place in the market and startups are evolving with diverse options and variants that increase the spectrum of gaming businesses.

Josh Fabian wrote “I hate losing. Sure, everyone does — but I hate losing. Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Surely it can’t be normal to want to win so badly in everything I do. When I’m beaten, I obsess over how it happened and how I can prevent it next time. For this reason, games have always resonated with me. I’ve competed at the world level in multiple games, before settling into a career in tech.”

“The future of work is remote, flexible, global, and digital-first. We believe that in the future a new breed of entrepreneurs will sell knowledge over products. There’s value in expertise, empires have been built on it. Metafy intends to do for gamers what the tech industry did for developers”, he said.

His love for gaming and the significance coaching held in producing world-class gamers led him to build a venture of the gaming business.

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