Bumble BFF and Whitney Wolfe Want to Be Your Best Friend

Bumble BFF is designed for women by women
Bumble BFF and Whitney Wolfe

Dating can be a drag. Who has time to hit the club or bar, and are you going to find your type at those places anyway? Even if you do land a date, are you going to like them? Is it going to lead to a long-term commitment? How do you beat the odds? Online dating apps have relieved some of the pressure for women, providing a low-risk solution for getting to know someone.

But, what if you could use the same system to make friends? What if you could weed out the mean girls and office divas to make a genuine connection with someone? After Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble, the popular woman-powered dating app, her busy lifestyle meant she had little time to make friends. When she noticed that Bumble users were already using the app as a way to meet not just romantic partners, but friends as well, she decided to make it easier, and Bumble BFF was born.

How It Works

Bumble BFF is a module within the Bumble dating app. Once you download the Bumble app, you sign up through Facebook. Facebook is an easy way to log in, and the app will pull your basic information, as well as your photo albums. It’s stealth, so nobody on your Facebook profile will see that you’ve interacted with the app.

Once you are logged in, create your basic Bumble profile. The profile is what users on both the dating and BFF modules see when they browse for matches. There isn’t room to write a long paragraph outlining why you’re great, so choose a few targeted traits and interests that are the most descriptive.

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Now that you’re set up, switch to Bumble BFF mode. Select how broad you want your search area to be. You can stick to your hometown, or spread out to surrounding areas. The app will return results for people available to connect within your area. If you like a particular match, swipe right to save it. If you don’t think it’s a strong connection, swipe left to remove it from your potential friendships. Don’t worry about unexpected romantic connections in BFF mode; the app disables the dating algorithm once you enter Bumble BFF, so you’re safe. The color-coded system shows green when using Bumble BFF and yellow when using the standard dating algorithm for a visual cue.

Other users in your area are also vetting their list of potential friends, with you in the mix. If you like a profile that in turn likes yours, you get a notification that there is a possible match. While Bumble dating keeps women in charge, and you never have to speak to someone unless you initiate the chat, either party can send a message in BFF mode. Like the dating module, matches and conversations are active for 24 hours, and then they disappear. You can chat if the person sounds interesting, or ignore the message if you have changed your mind. If you do talk, you get to decide whether to continue the friendship. You can message on the app as long as you’re interested. If you determine that you don’t have much in common, the conversation will delete 24 hours after the last message. On the other hand, you can exchange phone numbers or arrange a meet up with your new bestie at any time.

Why is Bumble BFF Cool?

Whitney Wolfe designed the BFF module because she recognized a problem that she experienced herself. It’s hard to make friends, especially when you’re busy or moving to a new area. Not only are 20-somethings constantly on the go, but they immerse themselves in the high-tech world. They are already using apps, so using the same model to find a best friend makes a lot of sense.

It’s Fun and Fresh

Bumble BFF targets a particular demographic. While anyone can sign up and use Bumble, most active members are in their 20s, making matches more likely for post-college graduates and young professionals. Bumble BFF is designed for women by women. Six out the seven employees hired by Whitney Wolfe are women who understand the challenges of making connections while building an ambitious adult life, so they know what you’re looking for in a friend.

It’s Flexible

There aren’t any restrictions on how you use Bumble BFF. You can tap into the friend scene in your area whenever you need a boost. Many users are finding it an excellent way to jumpstart their social life when they move to a new area. You don’t have to wait to chat up a coworker or meet your neighbor. Instead, use the app to find people who share common interests and initiate a friendship. Even if you are only traveling to a new area temporarily, you can find a weekend buddy whether you prefer to go shopping or would rather check out a museum. Because the app is fast paced, it is flexible for a wide variety of situations, like speed dating for friends.

Grow Your Network

While Whitney Wolfe designed Bumble BFF as a way to make friends, the app is unlimited in its potential. You will get a lot of matches and not every one of those will lead to a long-term friendship. Even if you don’t end up hanging out regularly, your connections are part of your larger network, which is a great boon if you’re building a career. Don’t worry about not hitting it off with everyone because even a casual connection can work in your favor.

Online dating took an antiquated social system and revolutionized it. People were no longer restricted to their town or social network to make a love connection. Instead, an entire world of possibilities came into play for meeting your one and only. Whitney Wolfe offers the same benefits for friendships with Bumble’s expansion to Bumble BFF. Instead of waiting to meet someone who clicks, you can actively search for people in your area who are also wanting to make a friend connection. Meeting people with similar interests and personalities is easy, and the risk is low because you stay in charge of the interaction from beginning to end. If it works, you have a new best friend. If it doesn’t, you move on to a new possibility. It’s as simple as that!

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