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Bridget Scarr’s Tips on Becoming a Creative Professional




Bridget Scarr Advice

It has become increasingly common for people to replace conventional jobs with creative freelancing careers. The internet made it significantly easier to begin earning money as a writer, designer, artist or similar professional. Nevertheless, you’ll still need a lot of helpful advice to get started.

Step by Step

Bridget Scarr has long-term experience in multiple creative fields. She offers a variety of valuable tips for people who want to benefit from this form of employment. Rather than start a business in the traditional way, Scarr urges freelancers to follow a five-step plan:

1) Learn about the relevant economic sector. Discover how much competition you would encounter, and research the level of demand for your service. Unfortunately, you may find that countless individuals want to perform the same type of work.

Conduct some research to determine if you could offer a similar service with a higher value. A standard graphic designer faces heavy competition and may have difficulty finding work. On the other hand, it’s easier to attract clients if you can design interactive media.

Take the time to read about freelancers who provide the service that you want to perform. Notice their pricing strategies, customization options and advertising methods. Think about ways to differentiate yourself. Perhaps you could identify a new way to meet clients’ needs.

2) Create your own brand. It should emphasize your unique approach to carrying out a certain task. You can use a variety of techniques to establish a memorable new brand. They range from ordering business cards to setting up social media pages.

It costs relatively little to develop a commercial website. Keep in mind that you could trade services with fellow professionals. Perhaps you have excellent writing skills, but you don’t know how to set up webpages. You could write blog entries for a web designer who will build your website.

After you finish creating a logo, website, email account and business card, you can focus on social media. Bridget Scarr recommends using LinkedIn and providing plenty of detailed facts about yourself. She also encourages freelancers to open accounts on a second network, such as Twitter or Facebook.

3) Develop some sample content before telling anyone about your website. Don’t just describe your skills, techniques and experience. Potential clients want to see examples of the projects that you can deliver. This will help you find customers who appreciate your style.

Bridget Scarr waited until her website contained 100 articles before she entered the marketing phase. However, a massive information archive isn’t entirely necessary. If you have limited time to spare, several pieces of relevant content may prove adequate.

It might take many hours to create original samples. A time-saving alternative is to revise and update previous projects. Be sure not to duplicate any material that you have already published elsewhere on the internet.

4) Think ahead. Your freelancing career probably won’t succeed without long-term planning. Bridget Scarr urges creative professionals to develop lists of desirable customers who might pay for their services. You can include individuals, agencies, corporations, small businesses and nonprofits. Don’t forget to think about organizations in your local area.

Estimate your potential income and expenses. Determine the amount of money required to survive for 90 days. Next, predict the number of hours that you would need to work. You’ll have to spend time on communication, record-keeping and marketing tasks.

Remember that assignments can become scarce at any time, especially if economic conditions worsen. Prepare for downturns by saving enough money to pay your living expenses for several months. An alternative is to retain a more predictable income source, such as a part-time job at a local business.

5) Begin communicating about your new endeavor. You could post an update on a personal Facebook page or write an email message to your friends. Ask people to check out the website. You might be surprised at the advice or offers of help that you receive.

When you took the first step, you probably learned about some fellow creative freelancers who recently started working in your industry. Consider contacting these individuals and telling them about your situation. You might help each other by cooperating or trading useful knowledge.

Finally, you can start to directly promote your service to potential clients. Don’t take action until you have developed an appealing, comprehensive website and attracted numerous followers on social media. You could squander your best chance to find work if you try to gain clients before you are truly prepared.

About Bridget Scarr

Bridget attended Rhodes University and currently lives in London. She works as a singer, songwriter, executive producer and writer. Her creations employ a variety of media formats. The projects include internet, TV and virtual-reality content. Scarr has also developed sophisticated interactive exhibits.

She worked for more than 15 years as an executive producer. Bridget helped create animations, advertisements and other television footage. The content ranged from children’s programming to drama. She has managed production teams with as many as 220 members. Today, Bridget develops new ideas for Colibri Studios media projects.

She frequently uses computerized reality systems in her latest creations. For instance, Bridget recently worked to combine history education with augmented reality. This project aims to let viewers briefly experience the lives of people who existed during a certain time period.

Bridget Scarr feels that artificial and virtual reality have a great potential to improve education, especially in museums. She also wants technology to help people enjoy better real-life experiences. It should motivate them to go places and do things rather than look at screens for countless hours.

When she isn’t busy working at Colibri Studios, Scarr enjoys visiting a local park to play with her son. She also likes to meditate every morning. Meditation and occasional outdoor breaks help her remain productive and creative throughout the week.

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