Books I counsel to my instrument engineering students

Books I recommend to my software engineering students2/29/2020 Update 4/23: See the discussion of this post on Hacker News. Students occasionally ask me for book recommendations. Since I'm always...

Books I counsel to my instrument engineering students


Change 4/23: Explore the discussion of this put up on Hacker News.

College students infrequently quiz me for e-book solutions. Since I’m always recommending the identical ones, I made up my thoughts to jot down up this list. That you just would be in a position to per chance ogle that a lot of of them are in a roundabout arrangement about instrument engineering or even computer science! The students hold already had heaps of exposure to the classic CS arena cloth (and might per chance also continue to of their careers), so I try and use into consideration books that are relevant nonetheless received’t be evident. On the stay of this text I list about a programming books in case that’s what you are making an try to win (please don’t cry at me for excluding SICP). The books I counsel are:

  • The Manufacture of Everyday Issues
  • Predictably Irrational
  • Outliers
  • Creativity, Inc.
  • Coders at Work
  • The Mythical Man-Month

The Manufacture of Everyday Issues

The e-book that has impacted me the most is The Manufacture of Everyday Issues (Amazon). It turned into once the principle e-book my PhD consultant urged to me. Though the e-book has nothing disclose to entire with instrument, it has a very good lesson for us: instrument is manner bigger than stunning the facets we implement. If the instrument will not be definitely usable, then it doesn’t topic how quickly it’s a ways or how many facets it has. The e-book opened my eyes to the usability concerns that encompass us and straightforward the formulation to uncover about them. So the following time you can’t determine easy the formulation to reveal a microwave oven, it’s no longer definitely your fault.

Key takeaway: Manufacture is all the pieces, so stop blaming customers and be taught from them.

Predictably Irrational

My first foray into behavioral economics and decision making turned into once Predictably Irrational (Amazon). It summarizes a host of stories which hold been ran to impress how of us impress selections and the cognitive biases that we on a frequent foundation face. Quite a lot of the examples on this e-book heart around the psychology of pricing, although they assuredly pop up in social settings as effectively. Shall we embrace, if someone affords us free chocolate, why stay we use no longer as a lot as we would if it costs 1 penny? Need to you revel on this, then I’d also counsel Misbehaving by Richard Thaler (Amazon).

Key takeaway: Making selections is onerous, nonetheless we tumble into a form of traps that might be shunned.


Outliers (Amazon) walks through a sequence of contrasting case stories of successes and screw ups. From official hockey gamers to fundamental faculty students to CEOs, there might be extra to their success than we would mediate. A few of the most intellectual of us on this planet are residing conventional lives while others change into billionaires. Are trying to be tidy enough, nonetheless after that it looks to attain all of the arrangement in which down to charism, grit, support from others, and luck. Demonstrate: This e-book does seem to overgeneralize and oversimplify complex cases, nonetheless there are quiet stunning facets.

Key takeaway: There might be extra to success and failure than we mediate.

Creativity, Inc

Creativity, Inc. (Amazon) tells the yarn of Edwin Catmull’s recede from getting a PhD in computer science, working at Lucasfilm, and working as CTO of Pixar with Steve Jobs. Rather than the entertainment of the yarn, it’s a ways littered with lessons on administration. Shall we embrace, when interviewing a job candidate, quiz your self whenever that that you simply might search them being your boss within the draw future. All Edwin desired to entire is to impress the principle sharp movie…

Key takeaway: Managing engineers and creatives requires some unintuitive techniques.

Coders at Work

Coders at Work (Amazon) is a series of interviews with great names within the instrument world. It is grand luxuriate in listening to a podcast or discovering out blog posts. Shall we embrace, yow will stumble on out about Peter Norvig’s experiences with the vogue process at Google and NASA. Need to you are attracted to entrepreneurship and startups, then I counsel the sibling e-book, Founders at Work (Amazon).

Key takeaway: That you just would be in a position to per chance per chance be taught a lot from listening to the lessons learned by others.

The Mythical Man-Month

The Mythical Man-Month (Amazon) is a classic series of essays describing elements that come up while managing instrument initiatives. Some facets of instrument engineering definitely haven’t changed for the explanation that 1970s. Shall we embrace, including extra programmers to challenge that is gradual will impress it even later. I had by no methodology heard of it unless graduate faculty so I mediate it’s a ways value including within the list (and none of my students hold be taught it).

Key takeaway: That you just would be in a position to per chance soon tumble victim to the concerns identified by this e-book, even after discovering out it.

Need to you are disillusioned that there don’t seem to be any programming books, high-tail be taught Wikipedia articles about knowledge constructions and win a e-book on compilers, functional programming, and AI. I counsel:

  • Writing an Interpreter in Creep (Amazon)
  • Study you a Haskell (Amazon)
  • Programming Sport AI by Example (Amazon)

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