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Bolivian President Survives Failed Coup, Calls for Democracy to Be Respected

Ashley Waithira



The Bolivian President, Luis Arce, survived a projected coup recently which has resulted in nationwide unrest. The unsuccessful attempt rumored to be planned by a military fragment underlines the problems in the country’s politics.

Background of Conflict

Fox News reports say that timely intervention from pro-government military forces stopped the coup. President Arce afterwards addressed the country stressing the importance of unity and democracy. He encouraged Bolivians to work together for a bright future of their nation.

Bolivia has a history of political disorder, becoming prominent with ex-President Evo Morales controversially stepping down in 2019 following alleged electoral fraud. Morales’ departure led to instability and his replacement interim President Jeanine Áñez faced issues relating to exceeding her authority and human rights during her term.

Arce’s Continual Issues

President Arce began his term in November 2020 after victory in general elections but since then has faced continuous opposition from various political groups. Despite attempts to support economic recovery and social benefits, previous disagreements and the polarized political environment have made running the government challenging.

To show of public support for democracy, BBC report showed significant public participation in La Paz supporting democracy while rejecting efforts opposing it. The demonstration represented diverse socio-economic groups including indigenous people, labor unions, civil society organizations etc., emphasizing their commitment to democratic principles.

The protestors promoted peace while enforcing democratic governance through slogans voiced throughout capital’s streets. Passionate public speeches highlighted protection for electoral process ensuring people’s opinion was respected.

Backing From Ex-President Morales

Evo Morales, ex-president, participated at this demonstration showing solidarity towards presidential authority despite controversy on his exit from power. He emphasized dignity and sovereignty of Bolivia in his address which was cheered by listeners.

Global Response

The international community expressed concern over the situation in Bolivia. Various governments and organizations have voiced their support for President Arce demanding respect for democratic policies. Words of solidarity came from neighboring countries as well as global organizations like United Nations and Organization of American States (OAS).

Future Path

The ongoing unrest has showcased the delicate state of Bolivia’s democracy and challenges ahead. Though this coup was unsuccessful, root issues triggering such a crisis persist. Political experts believe addressing these fundamental problems will be significant for long term stability.

Presidential vow to inclusive processes and promoting discussions between political groups was reinstated post these events. Arce also called for a national summit to discuss various critical topics such as economic disparity, rights of indigenous people, and political modifications.


In future, resilience of its democratic institutions and people’s will shall challenge Bolivia with this incident reminding us about possible concerns but also celebrating democratic spirit that pervades Bolivian psyche.

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