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Beyoncé’s New Fragrance, CÉ NOIR: A Deep Dive into the Launch

Ashley Waithira



Queen Bey is back in the beauty business. Beyoncé recently showcased her much-anticipated fragrance, CÉ NOIR, to her vast audience on Instagram. Excitement radiated from her as she said, “I’m super excited. This is my CÉ NOIR unboxing and it’s finally here after years of work.” As she unveiled the product, the 42-year-old Grammy winner elegantly displayed it while dressed in a chic black ensemble.

Design and Sentiment

While unboxing the fragrance, Beyoncé highlighted her desire for the design to be both commanding and intimate. As she removed the bottle from its casing, she explained, “I wanted something to be monolithic and I wanted something to have a little bit of intimacy.” She further commented on the unique design, “So right here you can see inside the soul of the perfume.”

For fans attending her Renaissance World Tour, the scent might already be familiar. Beyoncé revealed, “I actually spray this during the show a few times,” reminding fans of the moments she’d use the fragrance during her performance of “I’m That Girl.”

The Essence of CÉ NOIR

Diving into the fragrance notes:

  • Top: Clementine and golden honey
  • Heart: Rose absolute and jasmine sambac
  • Base: Namibian myrrh and golden amber

According to Billboard, attendees of Beyoncé’s recent tour stops, including cities such as Las Vegas, Tampa, and Washington, D.C., had the opportunity to get an early whiff of this scent. Priced at $160 for 50 mL, early buyers are promised an exclusive gift with their purchase.

Beyoncé’s Beauty Evolution

This is not Beyoncé’s first foray into fragrances. Over the past decade, she has graced fans with scents including the popular Heat (2010), Pulse (2011), and Rise (2014).

CÉ NOIR has a particular significance, as hinted by its name. WWD suggested “Cé Noir, may be a nod to the perfume’s origin.” Indeed, as mentioned on Beyoncé’s official website, the perfume was crafted in France. The name Cé Noir translates loosely to “this black,” adding another layer of depth to the fragrance’s story.

More than Perfumes: Beyoncé’s Beauty Ventures

Apart from fragrances, Beyoncé is set to expand her beauty empire. Earlier in May, the “If I Were a Boy” artist hinted at a new haircare venture, paying homage to her mother, Tina Knowles. Reflecting on her childhood experiences, Beyoncé shared on Instagram, “How many of y’all knew my first job was sweeping hair in my mama’s salon? Destiny’s Child got our start by performing for clients while they were getting their hair done.”

Emphasizing the importance of her hair journey and the entrepreneurial spirit she witnessed in her mother’s salon, Beyoncé added, “I saw firsthand how the ways we nurture and celebrate hair can directly impact our souls.” Although details about this new venture remain undisclosed, anticipation continues to build amongst fans.

The Significance of CÉ NOIR’s Timing

The timing of CÉ NOIR’s launch is no accident. As the holiday season approaches, fans in the U.S. and Canada are already rushing to pre-order the fragrance, ensuring that they have this exclusive scent in their collection or as a treasured gift for loved ones. Beyoncé’s strategic release ensures the perfume is positioned as a must-have item for the festive season.

Why Fans Are Buzzing

Beyond its exquisite scent profile, CÉ NOIR represents more than just a fragrance; it embodies Beyoncé’s journey, creativity, and constant evolution as an artist and entrepreneur. The monolithic design, combined with the intimacy she spoke of, reflects her larger-than-life persona while also reminding fans of the vulnerability and authenticity that she often reveals in her work.


As Beyoncé continues to inspire through her music, her connection to beauty, and the stories she shares, fans eagerly await each new venture. Whether it’s a soulful new track, a mesmerizing tour, or a captivating fragrance, Queen Bey ensures that her legacy in both the music and beauty worlds remains unparalleled. With the launch of CÉ NOIR, she once again demonstrates her ability to blend artistry with business acumen, creating products that resonate deeply with her audience. As Beyoncé herself said about the new fragrance, “Say no more.”, her actions and products continue to speak volumes. With every release, whether it’s in the world of music or beauty, Beyoncé manages to capture the zeitgeist, reflecting the desires and aspirations of millions of fans worldwide.

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