Bella Hadid Shares Her Long Battle with Lyme Disease and Co-Infections



The renowned fashion model, Bella Hadid, has recently made her struggle with Lyme disease and other health issues public. On her Instagram, the 26-year-old shed light on the multitude of health problems she has been facing for over half of her life, sharing photos of her medical records and a reflective statement.

Chronic Health Issues and Emotional Toll

One of the medical documents, dated February 2014, revealed a long list of Hadid’s health issues, which included fatigue, attention deficit disorder, depression, and sleep disorders, among others. She opened up about her emotional struggle, admitting that having to deal with such severe health conditions amidst the love, privilege, and opportunity in her life has been quite confusing. She wrote, “Living in this state, worsening with time and work while trying to make myself, my family, and the people who support me, proud, had taken a toll on me in ways I can’t really explain.” Yet, Hadid also expressed her resilience, stating that she wouldn’t change her journey even if given the chance, and affirming to her followers, “I am okay and you do not have to worry.”

Lyme Disease: A Persistent Battle

Hadid revealed on her Instagram post that she’s been carrying various kinds of bacteria, passed on by parasites, such as borrelia that leads to Lyme disease. This has been going on since 2014. She detailed how her illness can be unpredictable, often worsening and showing effects in different parts of her body. It can affect different parts like her brain, stomach, bones, and even the nerves. She also included a link to her previous TikTok post which talks about her encounters with Lyme disease.

Unyielding Support System

In the face of her health battles, Hadid highlighted the unrelenting support from her mother, Yolanda Hadid. Bella said thanks to her mom for always being there for her, and said, “I’m grateful to my mom because she always stayed with me, defended me, helped me, but more than anything else, believed in me through all this.” Besides this, she also gave thanks to the team of people she works with, the businesses that kept her job while she was sick, the people she cares about, her doctor, and the nurses who took care of her.

Inspiring Others Amidst Struggle

Despite the hardships, Bella’s messages were not short of positivity. She aimed to uplift those who are facing their battles, expressing that their struggles will improve with time. She added, “Stay strong, have faith in your path, walk in your truth and the clouds will start to clear up.” Reflecting on her journey, Bella stated, “I have so much gratitude for and perspective on life, this 100+ days of Lyme, chronic disease, co-infection treatment, almost 15 years of invisible suffering, was all worth it if I’m able to, God willing, have a lifetime of spreading love from a full cup, and being able to truly be myself, for the first time ever.”

On Sobriety and Future Endeavors

In the same post, Bella also celebrated an additional milestone of being sober for five months. She conveyed the enlightenment she found through her painful experience, stating that she gained new friends, visions, and a new perspective on life. She concluded her post promising her fans that she will be back when ready, expressing her love for them and how much she misses them. Bella’s post serves as a heartfelt reminder of the shared strength that emerges from shared experiences, illuminating the often-overlooked aspect of chronic illness – the emotional and mental health toll.


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