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Bebe Rexha Opens Up About Mental Health and Anxiety Ahead of MTV VMAs

Ryan Lenett



Pop sensation Bebe Rexha took to social media on the eve of the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, revealing her struggle with anxiety ahead of the high-profile event. Nominated for “I’m Good (Blue)” in the Best Collaboration category, Rexha was prepping to make her appearance at the show but found herself grappling with public scrutiny and body image issues.

In a candid TikTok video, Rexha acknowledged:

  • Her privilege of being invited to such prestigious events
  • The inevitable criticism that comes with her career
  • Her current struggle with confidence amidst the expectations

Body Image Issues in the Limelight

While the “Meant to Be” singer has always been known for promoting positivity and confidence, Rexha highlighted a human side that many forget celebrities possess. She emphasized, “Sometimes it does get to me, I am human. A lot of times people will be like, ‘Oh my god, I love how you’re all about positivity and confidence.’ Let me tell you, right now, I’m not feeling so confident.”

Expressing her reservations about attending the event, she stated, “I am so anxious and stressed about going on the red carpet and I guess people talking about my weight because I’m not really loving myself right now.”

Seeking Fan Support

Hoping to gather strength from her vast fan base, Rexha reached out, asking for “motivational tips or tricks.” Despite her apprehensions, the star emphasized her genuine desire to be present at the awards and hinted, “Maybe you’ll see me on the red carpet tomorrow.”

The Backstory

Body image issues have been an unfortunate recurring theme for Rexha, who has been targeted with undue scrutiny over her weight. Just last month, she broke ties with Keyan Safari over alleged body-shaming texts about her weight.

In a previous appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show”, Rexha divulged her diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a leading cause of weight gain in women. She bravely opened up about the rapid weight she gained due to the condition. She said, “I’ve literally jumped like 30 pounds so quickly. But we gotta just be positive. And just show people love.”

Celebrity Scrutiny

Rexha, like many other celebrities, has often faced the brunt of social media scrutiny. Not only has she responded to negative comments about her weight, but she’s also tried to change the conversation. After an incident where a TikTok search brought up suggestions about her weight, the Grammy nominee took to X (formerly Twitter) with a mirror selfie, captioning it, “Yes I’m in my fat era and what?”

On addressing the topic, she candidly shared that while it’s accurate, such comments indeed affect mental health. “You don’t know what somebody’s going through,” she mentioned. “So it kind of is tough, but I feel like we’re in 2023. We should not be talking about people’s weight.”

A Wider Conversation

Rexha’s vulnerability doesn’t just echo in the confines of the entertainment world. It reverberates across industries, age groups, and cultures. As more individuals step forward with their stories, society slowly gravitates towards an environment where mental health and body positivity aren’t just buzzwords but lived realities.

The Impact of Social Media

In an age where social media often amplifies unrealistic beauty standards, celebrities like Rexha remind us of its double-edged nature. While platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) offer a space for self-expression and connectivity, they can also be breeding grounds for negativity and comparison.

However, the same platforms provide celebrities and influencers with an opportunity. By showcasing their authentic selves – imperfections and all – they challenge the toxic standards set by digital culture. Rexha’s candidness on TikTok is a testament to this, turning a moment of personal vulnerability into a rallying cry for self-acceptance.


With celebrities like Bebe Rexha being transparent about their struggles, it paves the way for more authentic conversations surrounding mental health and body image in the entertainment industry. As the world waits to see whether Rexha graces the red carpet at the VMAs, her bravery and authenticity continue to resonate with fans worldwide, offering a beacon of hope to countless individuals who share similar struggles.

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