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Bastien Daguzan Leaves Jacquemus: A Summary

Ashley Waithira



Bastien Daguzan has quit his job as the CEO of the high-end French fashion house Jacquemus, effective right now. This unexpected exit is a big shake-up in the company’s top ranks. It comes just after news broke that Daguzan would also become president.

  • Main Points:
  • Bastien Daguzan stopped being Jacquemus’ CEO on December 23.
  • Simon Porte Jacquemus, who started the company, is thankful for what Daguzan did.
  • The brand grew a lot, it opened a big new store and made €200 million in sales in 2022.

Daguzan’s Time at Jacquemus

Bastien Daguzan wasn’t new to Jacquemus when he joined in May 2022. He’d been advising the brand while working as the boss at Paco Rabanne and was seen at Jacquemus fashion shows often. He got his start at Jacquemus as their first-ever CEO; before that, Simon Porte Jacquemus was both the CEO and the head designer.

Work History

  • He had management jobs at Lemaire and Krisvanasche before this.
  • He was the main manager at Paco Rabanne for five years before going over to Jacquemus.

Success and Expansion with Daguzan at the Helm

In the short time, Daguzan was in charge, Jacquemus grew bigger in the fashion game. He helped open their first big store on a fancy street in Paris in September 2022. The company also hit an impressive sales record of €200 million ($220 million) that year.

Future Growth

  • They’re expecting to grow even more in 2023.
  • The ‘Les Sculptures’ show was Scheduled for January 29 at Fondation Maeght.

Speculations and Future Directions

Bastien Daguzan’s departure has left us wondering where Jacquemus’ management will head next and what Bastien will do following his exit. With the company targeting high growth and excelling in operations, picking the next leader is super important for keeping the brand on the rise.

Impact on Jacquemus

  • A new boss could change how the brand grows and strategies.
  • There’s a buzz about the ‘Les Sculptures’ show coming up despite these shifts.

Reflection on Daguzan’s Leadership

Bastien Daguzan will be known for his smart choices and driving growth at Jacquemus. He led the brand to open its main store and reach major sales goals, showing he gets the posh market and knows how to mix business with creative flair.

Contributions to Jacquemus

  • Guided Jacquemus to big bucks and fame worldwide.
  • Key in making more stores and bumping up the brand’s rep.

Looking Forward: Jacquemus’ Next Steps

Jacquemus is starting anew, and everyone’s curious about who’ll take charge and the brand’s next creative steps. Now that Jacquemus is moving on to a new chapter, people are eager to see who will lead and the imaginative directions they’ll explore. Picking the right person to follow Daguzan is crucial for maintaining the brand’s success and adapting to the ever-quickening pace of fashion. Finding Daguzan’s replacement is key to keeping the brand alive and dynamic. Plus, the ‘Les Sculptures’ event is set to be a big deal, teasing us with hints of what Jacquemus will do next.


Bastien Daguzan is out as Jacquemus’ CEO, and it’s a significant change for the luxury brand. He was key to their recent achievements; now it’s time for a new leader. This could start a new phase for Jacquemus. The choices they make during this time of change will surely shape what comes next. Everyone in fashion is watching closely. They can’t wait to see who’ll lead and what direction Jacquemus will go in. Want the scoop on Jacquemus and the latest buzz? Click on Jacquemus’s Official Website.

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