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Balenciaga Makes Its Grand Entry into the Skiing World

Annelise Sylta



Earlier this month, following the ski-centric launches by Louis Vuitton and FENDI, the renowned brand Balenciaga introduced its maiden skiwear collection. This move signals a growing trend with French luxury brands merging their distinct aesthetic style with the technical needs of winter sportswear.

Collection Details

  • Product Range: Balenciaga’s inaugural collection encompasses a vast array of winter sports essentials, including:
  1. Ready-to-wear garments
  2. Accessories
  3. Equipment like snowboards, skis, helmets, and poles tailored for various winter activities including downhill skiing, cross-skiing, and hiking.
  • Signature Touch: The brand’s emblematic touch is evident across several utilitarian sports items. Both the skis and snowboards, available in two distinct sizes, prominently display the athletic “B” logo on their mirrored Titanel top sheet.
  • Outerwear: The collection’s outerwear boasts a water-repellent finish and is available in shades of black, grey, and red. The 3B Sports Icon Ski Parka, a highlight piece, uses a technical ripstop and features a high stand-up collar, drawstring hood, and multiple pockets.
  • Thermal Wear: For those cold days, the range offers thermal items such as hoodies, half-zip tops made of materials like heavy molleton, knits, fisherman-ribbed wool, and mink-like faux fur. These are paired perfectly with padded gloves, beanies, facemasks, and scarves—all bearing a sporty version of the Balenciaga emblem.
  • Pants: The collection showcases cargo pants with integrated snow skirts and advanced ventilation systems. Additionally, five-pocket ski pants are made of bonded stretch nylon, and the fleece-lined jeans, suitable for both on and off the slopes, feature a waterproof exterior.
  • Footwear: Two notable mentions are the Alaska Boot, with its oversized proportions, and the 3XL Ski Sneaker, designed with a water-resistant lining and an attachable spiked crampon. Price Range: The products are priced between $195 USD and $6,290 USD, with the collection set to officially launch on November 15. However, for eager fans, pre-ordering is currently available on Balenciaga’s official webstore.

Captivating Promotional Strategy

What sets Balenciaga’s winter launch apart isn’t merely the fashion. The promotional imagery, believed to be AI-generated, intriguingly places the winter wear against the backdrop of a serene beach. This unexpected visual contrast has left both the fashion and snowboarding communities intrigued and somewhat puzzled.

Wider Trends in Luxury Skiwear

Balenciaga’s move into skiwear isn’t isolated. Other French luxury brands have also introduced their versions of ski collections. Chanel, for instance, has its Coco Neige lineup, inspired by figure skaters, which includes reversible shearling jackets, lightweight sweaters, and trousers tailored for skiing. Additionally, they’ve added ski-friendly details like ski pass pockets and zips to accommodate ski footwear. Dior, under Maria Grazia Chiuri, presented the DiorAlps line inspired by mountain magic, which includes puffer jackets, formfitting knits, ski goggles, and après-ski boots.

The Intersection of Luxury and Practicality

One could argue that the entry of high-end brands like Balenciaga into the skiwear domain is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of fashion. For years, the fashion industry has straddled the line between form and function, and this trend indicates a stronger move towards merging the two. Consumers today are not just looking for products that make a statement; they also want their attire to serve a tangible purpose.

Customer Expectations

With the increasing spending power of consumers and the demand for luxury experiences, there is an expectation for brands, even luxury ones, to cater to diverse lifestyle needs. Whether it’s skiing down snowy mountains or attending an après-ski gathering, customers want to look their best without compromising on functionality.

Challenges Ahead for Luxury Brands

However, this blend of luxury and functionality is not without its challenges. High-fashion brands venturing into sportswear will have to ensure that their products not only look good but also perform under rigorous conditions. Skiing, in particular, demands durability, warmth, and flexibility from clothing and equipment. The challenge for these brands will be to maintain their luxury appeal while ensuring the skiwear is robust, functional, and safe.


The entrance of Balenciaga and other luxury brands into the skiwear domain marks an interesting fusion of high fashion with practical winter sports requirements. It remains to be seen how these collections fare in real-world skiing conditions, but one thing is certain: the slopes are about to get a lot more stylish this winter season.

Anne Lise is an MBA graduate with a passion for doing business research and fashion reviews. She has been with Busybodytribune for over 4 years now, and is the lead editor for the magazine.