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AvaTrade Review: Is it Safe to Trust this Forex Broker?




Recently we got the inside scoop on this Dublin, Ireland based Forex broker. In this expert look, we give an in-depth AvaTrade review and answer your frequently asked questions- Is AvaTrade a reliable broker? Is AvaFX a scam or is it a safe broker for investing? Is it affordable? Does the trading platform allow for simplistic trading and does it have useful services?

What happens when Forex experts come together with financial professionals, and expert in web commerce? This is what occurred in 2006 when AvaTrade was born. The online platform is a Forex investor’s guide to learning the market. And, for novice and expert traders, you can gain additional insight before you make a move with your Forex accounts. Forex is not simple. In fact it is intensely comprehensive involving time zones around the world, the market never sleeps, and it involves trades with foreign currencies. These are only a few of the primary differences between Forex and Nasdaq/DOW; so, even if you’ve traded on US platforms in the past, and have done well in terms of financial returns and gains, it does not automatically mean you are going to be a guru when it comes to Forex. In fact, the contrary might occur; a great learning curve is going to be required to help you to get to the premier level you want to be at as a trader, in order to ensure you avoid huge financial loss, and turn the highest profit margins possible, regardless of the world currencies you are dealing with.

What does AvaTrade offer?

With dozens upon dozens of Forex reviews and brokers online, it can be overwhelming if you are just jumping into the world of Forex trading. Brokers like AvaTrade should be well researched to understand all of their services. Since no two traders or companies are alike, what works for one, might not work for the next person. So, what sets AvaTrade apart?

  1. It’s a platform which is intended to serve as the premier financial resource for online traders, for the best retail trade experience.
  2. It sets out core values, and defines customer relationships from the onset, so you know what you are paying for, and what you should expect from the service platform.
  3. It empowers you to trade with ease, confidence, and do well with all world markets and currencies.
  4. It is a crash course in Forex; this will guide you through currencies, time zones, best trading times, etc.
  5. The site sees over $60 billion per month in investor trading.

All of these factors lead you to believe you can rely on the platform. And, if you use it in the manner intended, rather than your “go to guide for all answers,” it will truly assist you in this complex market.

What AvaTrade Isn’t

AvaTrade reviews will typically only point out the good or the bad; so, this Avatade review provides you with both sides, so you can determine if it may be the right tool for you.

  1. AvaTrade isn’t a tool to do the work for you (it’s not a bot which trades for you).
  2. The platform won’t tell you how much to invest/trade. Rather, it will provide you with metrics, of how a particular investment has done recently, so you can make the informed decision.
  3. It won’t be your guide to “all things Currency and Forex.” Don’t expect to know everything about this complex market in one night, it simply is not going to happen with AvaTrade, or any other platform for that matter.

It is a tool, a premier resource, and it will provide you with investor tools, information about currencies, best times to make a move, and webinars, to help you make educated investment moves. AvaTrade is a platform which serves as a guide; you should not rely on it as a bot, or a tool, which is going to do the complex work for you, when it comes to investing in Forex.

Who can use AvaTrade?

AvaTrade will inform you that anyone can benefit from using the tool; and, this is indeed the case. Experts in forex used the tool, to back up their investment moves, and give them more in depth guidance of the move they are considering making. This will then inform them if they should, or should not move forward with a trade, which can result in a great deal of loss.

It’s good for a novice in Forex. If you need a tool to guide you, teach you, and show you the ropes, then it can help you. Again, it won’t serve as a bot, but it will guide you; and, if you are making a foolish move, there are industry experts which are included with your paid subscription to the platform, who are going to tell you that you are not making a smart move. Ultimately, you have to determine how to use it; but, you can at least get backing from premier experts, so you know what to do, or what you should forego doing online.

As a newcomer to the world of Forex, you are likely going to be the one who will benefit most from this platform which will teach you the ropes to successful Forex trading. If you are new to world currencies, the program is going to show you the conversion rates. If you do not know the time zones of certain stocks, you will have that information at your fingertips to make an informed move. If you simply need to watch a video or webinar, which is going to explain Forex, how it works, and what it does in general, you have all of these things on one platform, for a flat subscription cost you are going to pay to use the platform.

How about the experienced trader? Yes, the program helps you too. Check in on currency rates and exchange rates. Get tips on how you can trade and when to make a move. Learn what insiders know through tutorials and webinars. You are guided by industry experts, so even if you think you yourself are an expert, the tool can greatly improve your standing in Forex. Don’t think of the product as a beginner’s guide because it isn’t. Instead, think of it as a refresher, a tool to back you up, and something which will help you make informed decisions in a quick turn around time.

All in all, not every AvaTrade review is created equal; if you want something balanced, you have found it here. Whether you are new to the market, have been trading in it for a few months, or are a premier trader, with years of experience, AvaTrade can prove beneficial to you. From giving you guidance with a product, to informing you when to wait, or trade now, this platform can provide the guidance you need, if you want to turn great profits in Forex.

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