Audi Launches its Cheapest Electric Car Variant

As per this German brand for luxury cars, this model can run up to 250 miles on a single full charge.
Source: NewsCrab

Audi Inc just launched the Audi e-Tron Q4, the very first electrical SUV from the company, starting at a price of $45,000. With the tax credits from the US for electrical vehicles, the effective price is nearly $37,500. The company hasn’t yet revealed the prices for expensive SUV versions.

The price happens to be lower than Tesla’s Sedan Model 3 and SUV model Y. Tesla’s cars are ineligible for the federal tax benefits. The prices for other models from the company are expected to be available by the end of this year when Q4 is up for sale.

This beginner-level e-Tron comes with a rear-wheel-drive, unlike the other expensive versions. As per this German brand for luxury cars, this model can run up to 250 miles on a single full charge. The base model comes with a 201-horsepower engine, whereas the expensive variants have nearly 295 horsepower with two motors on the front and bank with an all-wheel drive.

The front motor of the expensive e-Tron is designed to be used only when more traction or power is needed, and will mostly be driven by the rear wheels. Q4 is slightly bigger than Q3 on the outside and the interior space is similar to Q5. Q3 is the company’s smallest SUV.

Electric vehicles’ interiors are spacier than gasoline ones, as they are compact and don’t require bulky gear transmissions. The car doesn’t have a front trunk and that space is taken by the mechanical and electrical parts. Much of the car’s engineering resembles Volkswagen’s electrical SUV ID.4.

e-Tron from Audi will be available in two versions – Sportback and crossover SUV. The former is available only in the pricier range and all-wheel-drive variants. It is slightly more slopped at the rear end and comes with enhanced aerodynamics.

The daytime running light around the car’s headlights is distinctive, similar to other cars from Audi. However, the drivers can switch these lights into four unique patterns. The launch happens to be Volkswagen’s push towards becoming a prime competitor for the others in the electrical vehicle market (Audi is a part of the Volkswagen company’s VLKPF group).

The company is in plans to launch a hatchback e-Tron GT later this year, as the Sportback and larger SUV are currently available. E-Tron GT will be a performance-based car, as per the company’s statement.