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Ask HN: What’s your quarantine aspect challenge?

Speaking of baked goods, I nursed a sourdough starter back to health. I found it in the back of the fridge where I’d neglected it for a couple of years. Poured off the icky gray liquid and scraped off the ugly top layers, and carefully got a pinch of relatively clean (but dead looking) starter…




Speaking of baked goods, I nursed a sourdough starter again to health. I came across it on the again of the fridge the place aside I would disregarded it for a couple of years. Poured off the icky gray liquid and scraped off the gruesome prime layers, and fastidiously bought a pinch of moderately natty (nevertheless tiring having a scrutinize) starter from the bottom. I place aside that in a contemporary jar and have been feeding it, and after a couple of days it came sparkling again to existence and is smelling gargantuan! Now to arrangement some bread or pancakes with it.

My utterly different challenge is harmonica karaoke. I’m no longer a blues participant, I’m extra into basic rock and nation. Since I’m no longer that factual at improvising, I decide to safe a song and work on it again and again again to figure out a nice fraction and receive the nuances honest sparkling.

One is Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, the place aside I play the vocal lead with some jazzy stuff mixed in. I are dwelling a couple of blocks from the place aside Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham met (Menlo-Atherton High Faculty) so it be constantly relaxing to play one of her songs. (Harp: Lee Oskar F Indispensable retuned as a excessive octave C Melody Maker.)

One other is Wagon Wheel, the place aside I worked out the fiddle and organ facets plus some piccolo facets that I made up. (Harp: Lee Oskar A Natural Minor.)

My contemporary lockdown song has been Atomic by Blondie. This one has been super relaxing! It took loads of experimenting and attempting stuff out, nevertheless I came up with an association I’m somewhat proud of. Now to beta take a look at at our subsequent Alteryx Got Skills virtual mutter! (Harp: Lee Oskar E Natural Minor.)

Presumably after we can all attain it again, I will receive to play a couple of of these songs with utterly different musicians.

We frail the time to work on renovating an frail ancient vault, in uncover to arrangement it an out of doors vault / barbecue location.

We unquestionably already started renovating earlier than the lockdown. But since there are no longer so many leisure activities anymore, now we took nearly all our free time to point of interest on this non-public challenge.

Some days in the past I started documenting it on Instagram, in uncover so that you can look at it out: (texts are in German).

Neatly, my major aspect challenge is corresponding to it be been for the final couple of years, an animation/vector making improvements to tool written in Rust:

It’s arrangement of starting to arrangement the transition between a pile of solutions and an unquestionably precious tool for the time being. The final belief is to be a vector making improvements to utility that works extra treasure a bitmap tool through painting, so there may maybe be a flood-have faith tool and a technique to form up paths honest by drawing on the canvas moderately than having to manually mess around with regulate facets.

The trend I constructed the UI is outlandish too I deem. Picks for UI librarys for Rust have been moderately restricted when I started so I constructed it to be easy to switch to fully different libraries. I assemble no longer deem there may maybe be any utterly different UI library in existence that’s as seamless for switching between platforms (or that can flip from a local app to an online app with a compiler flag with out resorting to something treasure Electron)

I’ve launched an aspect challenge to let of us song the final result promises/predictions made by public figures and in trend Twitter accounts, as I safe unrealistic predictions and outright lies may maybe maybe also honest additionally be very detrimental:

https://ontherecord.are dwelling

The stack is Django + Gunicorn / nginx, PostgreSQL and some Intercooler.js and vanilla JS to arrangement the skills smoother.

I’ve additionally been attempting to be taught Elixir + Phoenix, as I safe one of the most principal most principal ideas (e.g. LiveView) very promising.

Colossal challenge! I’ve been doing this manually on HN and came across the predictions I was tracking to be completely execrable. Please continue on this challenge, I’m no longer a movie critic nevertheless I give this challenge two complete thumbs up.

Thanks very great, I was thinking of extending the belief that to any (publicly accessible) quotes, treasure forums, HN, and loads others. nevertheless for now started with:

– Wikipedia authors (because there may maybe be some roughly threshold for relevance there)

– Twitter (because I can automate the validation with a bot — behold @OnTheRecordBot).

You may maybe maybe also add a bit for submit-checking of /r/futureology form techno media sensational claims about how this or that floor breaking contemporary xyz which works gargantuan in the lab on rats and loads others and can fix all the pieces for you!

These overly optimistic/detrimental press releases can additionally be detrimental to public understanding over time.

That ought to present a factual source, thanks.

I’ve started work on Reddit integration (/u/OnTheRecordBot — this would maybe maybe also honest additionally be a bot you may maybe maybe maybe name, corresponding to RemindMe!).

Tags are additionally already mutter in the backend, nevertheless no longer yet utilized. I have faith about they’ll be advance mandatory once the number of quotes/matters will increase.

Impartial request: of us claiming to be experts who by no scheme arrangement true predictions that can even honest additionally be tested.

Would possibly possibly presumably maybe be factual to have a block list of of us that may maybe maybe I safely ignore.

That is a extremely factual (connected) belief, I will deserve to behold how it may maybe well most likely maybe maybe also honest additionally be constructed-in.

I’ve been thinking loads about what makes a prediction/promise testable. Up to now I’ve summarized my conclusions in the ‘The scheme in which it works’ internet page, nevertheless if anyone has any references on this I would fancy to hear about it.

That is truly a fab challenge. How are you determining whether or no longer a given submit from any individual is a promise/prediction? Are you doing this manually?

Thanks! I handle this for the time being by requiring handbook approval earlier than the mutter material becomes visible on the internet internet page (I personalized the Django Admin interface a minute bit), nevertheless ought to mute the number of quotes change into unmanageable I will start buying for loads of moderators.

Edit: Additionally, we are trying to apply our guidelines on what a promise/prediction needs to be, you may maybe maybe safe them on the ‘The scheme in which it works’ internet page.


Additionally, there are no particular person accounts so all submissions/votes are anonymous, in case anyone needs to submit something they’re attracted to.

I’ve performed loads of work on my opensource collaborative whiteboard, WBO:

All the scheme through lockdown, many teachers and companies are buying for contemporary ways to work online, and google searches for “opensource online whiteboard” have exploded. I realized a surge of job on the dwelling, and this has motivated me to exhaust beyond regular time on it. The tool has additionally received its most mandatory exterior contributions since its inception loads of years in the past. I honest hope the hobby won’t fade away once the pandemic is over.

I’m designing analog guitar effects.

I most effective had a couple of courses in college referring to analog circuits, nevertheless ought to you set the principles, it be easy to be taught from the schematics in the market on the get.

Up to now I’ve been exploring the usage of MOSFETs – I came across that the 2N7000 transistor is as low-price and abundant as BJTs, so I’m using it.

This trend of transistor is much less predictable and has a extra advanced working precept than a BJT, nevertheless with that advance additional potentialities.

My final non-idiomatic-nevertheless-working arrangement is a MOSFET-based completely mostly A-class buffer that maintains an optimal working point using a BJT differential amplifier as a comparator for the feedback loop, asserting the DC output earlier than the coupling capacitor at exactly half the provision voltage.

It’s no longer linear, nevertheless that is the belief – ought to you plugged in a guitar to it the adaptation would no longer be in reality noticeable, nevertheless doing the same with a bass ought to mute give a “sweeter”, enriched with low harmonics tone.

I’ve been engaged on converting a Mazda RX-8 to electric. For the time being, that largely amounts to making battery bins to breeze in the loads of empty areas by tig welding aluminum (which I had no skills with earlier than this challenge).

The basic conception is to make bid of about 400 pounds of lithium iron phosphate cells, spread between the areas below the sparkling and left rear passenger seats the place aside the gas tank frail to be and the engine compartment (largely roughly the place aside the radiator used to be). I’m using a Netgain Hyper9 AC motor (144 volt version). I have not determined what I will attain for charging and battery administration. I conception to uncover an adapter from CanEV to interface to the transmission so I will seemingly be ready to sustain the stickshift.

In actual fact cold! This reminds of Andy Weir’s The Martian (I extremely suggest the e book – there used to be a movie as wisely – especially the chapters that touch on some programming!) and the lead characters artful efforts to make bid of what (bio)tech he has in uncover to continue to exist on Mars.

Pissed off by filter bubbles and the basic tell of online debate, especially on Twitter, I made Debubble.

It’s a publishing tool that can permit you to scenario one other Twitter particular person to a debate. If they ranking, the 2 of it is skill so that you can to rob in a public nevertheless distraction-free dialog. Debubble will seemingly be obvious you expect your flip earlier than you may maybe maybe maybe assert your arguments. This would maybe maybe additionally restrict every response to 1500 characters (roughly one internet page) and the overall debate to 12 turns. In tell of cheering for their aspect treasure sports fans, registered readers will seemingly be ready to impress the price they bought out of your dialog by starring the overall debate.

I haven’t wisely tried to start it yet, as my day job and children are keeping me very busy for the time being.

I treasure the belief, appears to be like to be like treasure it requires a extremely super amount of twitter permissions on login although?


The app lets users ship tweets or DMs and I didn’t safe an glaring arrangement to slim the vital permissions down to honest that. But a couple of of us have now pointed this scenario out and I deem I will honest grab that performance and require most effective be taught permissions.

I ranking a dwelling from home, mutter my children, and play EU4 to relax[0]. That is somewhat great all my existence is, for the time being.

My 11 year frail son has determined we needs to arrangement a desk for his younger brother, so as that can even flip into an aspect challenge for me. If I’m fortunate it turns into an aspect challenge for our chippie neighbour as a exchange.

[0] The day outdated to this after a disappointing job provide, I declared warfare on all people.

I made a clone of YikYak because I believed that would possibly be a factual advice For of us in lockdown.

After almost finishing it (most effective few bugs left) I particular to no longer hassle attempting to free up it. Like most projects my initial enthusiasm went out the window once I purchased something working. It’s so ripe for abuse too that it may maybe well most likely maybe maybe maybe seemingly arrangement of us in reality feel worse about themselves moderately than better. I constantly arrangement of latest this nevertheless the enthusiasm for the simpler of me.

I’m as a exchange going to originate source the overall facets of it (the internet app, the sql to recreate the dB, the cell app, and the API) as that seemingly has extra influence.

For now it mute up at

I’m attempting to receive myself to receive up at 06: 00 AM to breeze for an early 20 minute morning bustle. As an insomniac this has confirmed to be in reality sophisticated. But I unquestionably treasure running, even when I’m off form, as it has been a fraction since I was a minute one.

I deem I’m inching in direction of a stable rhythm although, nevertheless time will repeat. I constantly need 2 months of a stable rhythm to be completely obvious that I purchased a rhythm locked in.

Right here is what I discovered so a ways:

– Magnesium earlier than sleeping

– Food regimen D when I receive up, especially now since I’m sitting all the scheme in which during the overall time.

– Clearly basic sleep hygiene that the overall in trend weblog posts write about (relaxing truth: I bid Iris as a exchange of Flux, it dims the display great extra).

– Melatonin when I can already repeat I’d also no longer be ready to sleep anytime soon. I frail to safe a scrutinize at to breeze to sleep on my hang strength for scheme too prolonged. Issues I’ve tried: meditation (my username is derived from it), revolutionary muscle leisure, no longer thinking anything (I’m moderately factual at this), visualizations of being in acquainted areas, bid and going to the doctor. It all would now not work. What does work: melatonin. Exclusively since recently I’ve been a minute bit extra aggressive with it (after 25+ years of sleep problems).

This leaves me with one scenario: from time to time I receive up after 4 hours of sleep. My long-established scheme of facing here’s being awake for one other 4 hours, so I can sleep my second quartet of hours. The scenario: I receive up around 11: 00 AM when I breeze to bed around 11: 00 PM.

So what I’m attempting now, since my every day life supports it, is waking up between 04: 00 AM and 06: 00 AM so as that I unquestionably have ample leeway to sleep a minute bit extra. I’m starting a job soon and I need to be 09: 00 AM in the tell of business. That is my makeshift resolution.

I’m hoping it works.

I deem here’s what of us did some centuries in the past: Wake up through the night and set aside some stuff, then breeze again to sleep for a couple of hours. Survey [1].

I additionally have problems sleeping. After I sleep at my fogeys home, I sleep excellently. I did sleep there for per week a couple of months in the past and I by no scheme felt so factual. The shy away is that my female friend gets upset when I sleep there for per week (and my fogeys deem I’m in a warfare with my female friend).

Issues that can even mutter why I sleep so loads better at my fogeys home are:

  - It's darker

  - It's much less noisy

  - There is a better bed

  - There is now not any-one sleeping subsequent to me in the same bed

  - Presumably I in reality feel safer if I sleep on the second floor of a gargantuan home as a exchange of sparkling subsequent to a street?


===== Melatonin ======

The effects of melatonin are super noticeable. It’s treasure taking drugs: you pop a pill, and in reality feel utterly different 30 minutes later. Melatonin makes me in reality feel drowsy.

There is now not any placebo here. After 15 to 20 minutes, I constantly receive irritated and inquire of myself: why would now not it work?!

It does, a bit of bit later.

===== Food regimen D ======

Sorry that I’m sourceless on this. I be taught someplace that melatonin and eating regimen D are inversely connected of their cycles of once they height. Someone recommended to safe it in the morning.

In spite of whether or no longer the timing is off or sparkling, eating regimen D is mandatory to no longer be unfortunate [1]. So this fraction may maybe maybe also honest be a placebo (treasure I care, I’m pragmatic) and at most effective it does something.

I attain behold that it indeed prevents me from feeling treasure shit by advantage of sitting all the scheme in which during the overall time. That additionally may maybe maybe also honest be a placebo (I mute assemble no longer care, placebo’s are demonized and it be a aggressive advantage ought to you ranking it). The pattern has been occurring for 2 weeks now.

[1] Point out: there are scheme extra sources. I honest did a transient Google search and picked the important thing URL I’d also safe.

Converting Plastic Damage into 3d printer filament…

Hopefully, this would maybe maybe also honest slit again the usage of virgin plastic for rising art pieces in 3d printing neighborhood and you may maybe maybe maybe also honest be ready to fabricate lovely and precious things out of extinguish plastic while cleaning plastic extinguish from the ambiance.

It’s a a hit exchange.

I worked on this in my free time all the scheme in which through quarantine.

I need to arrangement the challenge extra accessible so of us across the arena can arrangement local recycling unit. There is loads of work which needs to be performed in conjunction with making facets extra standardized, demonstrating how facets warfare collectively in a visual scheme and additionally have a microcontroller firmware to manipulate diameter of filament. I assemble no longer have great skills with microcontrollers nevertheless I’ve solutions, so we will behold.

That is a extremely cold belief. I in the starting place aside hoped it used to be about recycling your hang plastic extinguish into filament to your hang home printing, nevertheless I wager that’s a minute bit too great to quiz.

I’d also repeat you nevertheless then I would deserve to murder you.

More significantly, I’m attempting to receive in the addiction of no longer speaking about any aspect challenge I’ve no longer shipped yet, since when I “divulge” them upfront I find yourself no longer shipping anything. Turns out this would maybe maybe also unquestionably have a foundation in science, as latest be taught declare that the brain “discharges” some energy/motivation when one talks about future plans.

My belief is that after we roar or in some cases even deem about future plans, it affords us a sense of acomplishment earlier than having performed anything. Then we help doing it because falling in fancy with an belief is more uncomplicated than hanging in the work to attain it. And earlier than you set it it be been a year and you are mute honest speaking about it.

I frail to attain this, nevertheless I’ve came across that having a minute bit of social accountability helps bigger than having fully zero. I decide to play mysterious and arrangement tiny morsels of what I work on public as time goes on

I are seemingly to agree. Whenever you’ve announced your challenge you may maybe maybe very wisely be feeling treasure a weight has been lifted and you bought something performed. Then you definately breeze attain something else. Better to divulge your success moderately than your plans. That is factual for existence in basic, imo.

Hang a two year frail who is needs constant attention.
Regular day is I safe the morning shift. Wife does the afternoon shift and I again attain the evening shift.
As soon as the toddler goes to bed at 8 pm, we every work (usually past nighttime)

What makes this very robust is that
a) Dinky one needs attention repeatedly so there is now not any point in attempting to attain any work while it is my flip.

b) We dwell in an condo advanced and those who’re dwelling downstairs have known as law enforcement officers on our kid extra than one cases for running around. This no matter the truth that he by no scheme does all the scheme in which through “queit hours (sleeps from 8 pm to 7 am)” and these noises are protected by SF tenant regulations. Couple of weeks again a SF police officer knocked on our door and tried to arbitrate. Internally, I mandatory to slam the door in the cop’s face although I was respectful.

c) On fable of (b) kid knows that we’re very sensitive about him running around. So anytime he feels he is now not all the time getting attention, he’ll bustle or stomp on the bottom.

Stress-free cases

My children need loads of attention too. Neatly, my oldest either needs attention or exhaust the overall day playing Minecraft and gazing Youtube, so it be as much as us whether or no longer we deserve to place aside in pressure display slit-off dates or no longer.

The youngest is 5 and he is a handful, so we bought our babysitter to help us three days of the week. She lost all her jobs and has no profits in every other case, and for us it scheme we can work on the overall 3 days per week, so all people wins.

But he is additionally sooner or later convalescing at playing alone. (He frail to be gargantuan at that once he used to be 3, much less so extra recently.) It’s additionally a matter of managing the expectations of your kids, I wager.

Similar here. Raising children, cooking, cleaning and dealing is higher than ample.

After two months (Spain) we have now the sparkling to breeze for a stroll on every day foundation with the children. This has improved things.

All the scheme during the no longer easy lockdown (no sparkling to breeze outside with children) I had very nasty days (stress, bother, and loads others.), which affected my children (they became furious aggressive, something that I had by no scheme viewed in them) and with help from a psychologist I learned to easy myself down and now things are lovely again.

I wager that my aspect challenge has been to be taught about my hang psychology and the scheme in which it impacts my family, and to be taught to tackle all that.

I unquestionably have grown loads as an person!


I in reality feel I needs to be pushing the schooling and finding out more challenging, nevertheless my wife is leaning no longer easy into their emotional wisely being first. And gazing my middle daughter mutter our youngest recount “i in reality feel” all the scheme in which through an argument and no longer “you seemingly did” scheme I need to again off. I’d also even be rising as a guardian too.

I completely agree, I unquestionably have 4 children and a fleshy time job. Helping them with their homework all day is a fleshy time job as it is. My teams manager has noticed a reduction is all people’s productiveness; due to kids, psychological health, stress, and loads others and has been moderately forgiving so a ways as prolonged as we’re clearly getting work performed.

I unquestionably have two children (3 and 7) and we every work … with extra than one work meetings .. zoom based completely mostly college … homeworks … managing fights between the children … and never-ending cooking and cleaning .. leaves me with minute or no time … I recommended my crew at work that I’m at 10% of my productiveness and they’ve been extremely supportive …

I positively receive that. We have been somewhat fortunate – we have been ready to elevate in a babysitter in the morning which used to be in reality precious (mute allowed here in IL).
Additionally when our first minute one used to be born my wife and I had a exchange collectively so we had a routine from then that we may maybe maybe also plunge again on.

It’s in reality no longer easy, nevertheless it unquestionably largely involves insane phases of cooperation – and giving every utterly different equal cases to work and safe care of the children.

The one thing that may maybe maybe have made our lives great more uncomplicated would have been a technique to part tell of business calendars (utterly different companies) so as that if either one of us had a gathering at any given time it used to be booked off for the utterly different one.

Having a minute one running while you are trying to solve something or in a video assembly obvious doesn’t help.

But in the time I had I’ve been ready to arrangement my minute one a easy drawing app for the iPad as loads of them are too sophisticated or too formed. Hope to enact it and releasing although.

I unquestionably have a bunch of things I would fancy to attain treasure others appear like (whats this “free time” thing?), nevertheless I receive children organised, work, receive dinner ready, sleep. my most effective valid “down time” is taken up by an hour of predawn cycling atm

I’m making a dream journal app for lucid dreaming and dream prognosis:

For a couple of years I’ve had the addiction of remembering and noting down my dreams first thing every morning. I mandatory a tell for collecting & analysing all these dream stories.

So I constructed this journaling app. It’s a PWA that encrypts all the pieces earlier than syncing. For now I’m honest testing it with chums, nevertheless I need to start it in the arriving weeks.

I came across a free espresso machine on craigslist (Gaggia Classic). It used to be frail, rusty and “wasn’t working”. Spent time researching the model, took it apart and de-rusted and cleaned every fraction. Now it makes palatable coffee. Fully price it

In South Africa, we’ve somewhat harsh lockdown regulations, in conjunction with most effective being ready to bid internal 5km of your condo and most effective between 6am and 9am.

I’m a fervent mountain biker, so I’ve place aside my energy and frustration into constructing contemporary mountain bike trails in the hills around my home. Been that arrangement to attain this for a extremely very prolonged time, nevertheless there are such factual trails a couple of miles additional away, so the motivation has no longer been very sturdy except now.

I’m building for roughly 1 hour per day on common, and I organize to receive between 10 and 100m of budge constructed in that hour, so by the time the lock-down ends I’m aiming to have a contiguous a part of singletrack that’s a mile prolonged.

Additionally, I’ve been serving to on a local challenge to arrangement an originate-source ventilator (

And I’m engaged on a ogle-to-ogle donation platform (which is never any longer in reality ready to mutter to anyone yet)

I’m building an app for fire departments. Currently centered on the german market.

The scenario nearly every fire division which is in accordance with volunteers have, is that it be no longer easy to be taught the dwelling of all items on the utterly different vehicles.

So i form a tiny quizz app to enhance the fireplace departments with this. Now every fireman can be taught the dwelling of the items on the breeze.

German online internet page:

App: Flutter
Spring-Boot + Vaadin

I unquestionably have been engaged on loads of aspect projects unquestionably. The first is a Corona app that I constructed to dump all my be taught and frustration when the lockdown first came about. After I noticed I’d also no longer submit it to the app retailer I reached out to the CDC in West Africa and they’re selecting up the app. That used to be thrilling.

The second challenge is a custom deck of playing cards, nevertheless as a exchange of the Regular King, Queen and Jack it is royalty from Nigeria and has had an unheard of response on Kickstarter…

Setting up a SAAS that works arrangement of treasure a trello board to organise your travels, with every “mark” being a Defend, a transport or an job (“visiting the frail street”).
Obtain easy receive entry to to the dwelling of all the pieces you are about to attain, and with the cardboard machine it be easy to reorganise your vacation on the breeze ought to you realise rain goes to extinguish a though-provoking job.

Nearly done the MVP, one extra 3 days weekend and that needs to be it.

Subsequent.js + Mongodb + Auth0 + Stripe + TailwindCSS

Built a platform for of us to play social games with chums and family over Skype/Zoom.

Up to now 8 games, adding extra weekly. Video games apply the same code patterns, so about per week to add one.

All the pieces runs on Firebase, mandatory something to start immediate with valid-time capabilities. Vue on front-end.

Would fancy some feedback.

That is somewhat great what I mandatory to form, nevertheless with scheme nicer arrangement! Ready for taking part in with it on our subsequent games night.

Add extra family friendly ones. A easy arrangement to attain a pub quiz form of game may maybe maybe maybe be awesome! We attain one nevertheless exhibiting the questions on display may maybe maybe maybe be gargantuan.

Completely, quiz form games will seemingly be gargantuan on this. Scuttle working no longer easy on extra non-ingesting games. Tx.

I’m tinkering with a single participant phrase game in HTML5. Suggestions welcome. 🙂

I’ve tried to arrangement it intuitive ample that you assemble no longer deserve to be taught a internet page of directions first nevertheless let me know if I’ve disregarded the tag. I’m hoping you may maybe maybe maybe be taught the gameplay mechanics as you play.

I’m no longer using any internet frameworks for this which used to be unquestionably relaxing to attain. It gave me a huge gamble to enhance my understanding of CSS animations + reflows, and meet up with changes to JavaScript.

Proper performed with it for a brief time, I liked it! The finest bit that from time to time tripped me up used to be going diagonally in my phrase building, nevertheless I purchased the hang of it after a couple of rounds.

One thing that can even honest arrangement this more uncomplicated is beveling the perimeters of the tiles a bit of so you assemble no longer unintentionally rob out letters on either aspect of the diagonal unintentionally.

Colossal, thanks for the feedback!

> One thing that can even honest arrangement this more uncomplicated is beveling the perimeters of the tiles a bit of so you assemble no longer unintentionally rob out letters on either aspect of the diagonal unintentionally.

Thanks, I can have a play with that. Whenever you bid your internet devtools to scrutinize the HTML, you ought to mute behold over every letter tile, there may maybe be unquestionably an invisible tile on prime of every at a 45 level perspective that’s being frail because the valid touch/mouse target for choosing letters (as unintended alternative is dreadful ought to you bid the true tile because the target). Presumably there may maybe be a extra legit scheme nevertheless playing with the target shapes and sizes will seemingly help.

In actual fact relaxing, very polished! Proceed of consciousness feedback:

After a couple of phases I came across clusters of letters I was having disaster with develop over time (there used to be an “X” sparkling in the middle, and treasure six “I”s clumped up). I came across myself wishing there used to be some mechanic that can even determined them out. Presumably that can arrangement it too easy although.

I unquestionably fancy the animation while you arrangement it to the subsequent level, very fulfilling.

On cell safari, keeping your finger on a tile for too prolonged causes a textual mutter material alternative.

I’d fancy a “zen mode” with out a timer!

An utility that provides security gated sharing of the file machine using a Home windows/OSX treasure file explorer GUI as we roar in the browser.

Fresh reputation:

Works gargantuan on a condo network, nevertheless I mute deserve to figure out point-to-poin tunneling during the Web.

Practically performed understanding a separation designation of internal most units from utterly different users.

Currently engaged on take a look at automation through provider simulation and browser simulation through Microsoft/playwright.

I conception to permit end-to-end encryption through key sharing, nevertheless I’m no longer there yet.

I conception to permit a ways-off utility execution for units below the same particular person fable, nevertheless I’m no longer there yet.

Quarantine has made me realise how minute free time I unquestionably have. I’m purported to be doing a basic database for a chums lab. It’s turning out to be basically an details validation and cleaning challenge. With out a cycle to work, a cycle again from work to separate up my day I unquestionably have in reality minute motivation to take a seat extra hours coding after I unquestionably have cooked dinner and eaten. I ought to mute receive on with it although.

Been attempting to work on a lite “Logging Provider” implementation. Something along the lines of Seq[0]. Wants to be extremely easy to make bid of on the cloud and in the community. Mainly for training extra Scuttle which I’ve advance to fancy. Hang barely scratched the bottom since I unquestionably have typical work + a baby at home + toddler arriving in 3 weeks!


A mix of playing Piano, engaged on an space of XMPP connected libraries and instruments in Scuttle, and attempting to receive a handful of internet drafts licensed by loads of IETF working teams.

Digital piano classes over are now not as gargantuan as in particular person, nevertheless a minimum of I’m ready to sustain up with it. Currently engaged on Liebesträume and Handel’s Sarabande on the classical aspect of things and In The Mood on the jazz aspect.

The XMPP library goes wisely and I’m with any luck about to start rewriting the authentication bits:

And finally, I’ve bought some I-Ds submitted and in discussion in the IETF’s TLS and KITTEN working teams. One that documents most effective practices for authentication and password hashing and storage:… and particular person that defines a channel binding mechanism for making tokens and secrets and suggestions most effective proper over a explicit TLS session (sparkling now it be explicit to SCRAM based completely mostly auth, nevertheless that can seemingly commerce soon):…

I launched it a month in the past. It’s a tool that converts your un-frail domains into something precious.

By something precious, I mean a self-running computerized mutter material aggregator with loads of bells and whistles to sustain it running (e.g. membership, newsletters, advertisements).

I had scheme too many domains which can maybe maybe very wisely be no longer being frail. I mandatory to arrangement some bid of them with out having to sustain them and spending time on it. Now I unquestionably have all of my 25 un-frail domains.


I was already speedrunning bread due to parental fade. Got sourdough down to <10 minutes active labor including prep and cleanup.

Now my project is a 1000 science per minute factory in Factorio. I’m 100 or so hours in. It is a game I’ll recommend to any programmer: It exercises optimization, planning, testing, debugging, (coaching and collaboration if multiplayer), prioritizing right, and the balance of living with hacky imperfections while still not letting them overwhelm your design and grind everything to a halt.

Nothing too fancy, I have been writing/rewriting some of my personal libraries. I finally gave in and wrote an OpenGL abstraction, because dealing with shaders manually was such a pain. Now I am working on a simple GPU font renderer, which is hopefully easier to use than my earlier CPU rasterisation based approaches (no need to snap to pixel raster or to pack things into a texture, can deal with both small and gigantic letters).

I’m a huge aviation nerd and super curious about the impact of covid on that market. I’ve built a website that tracks which aircraft type flew where over the last days and what the average number of flights per day for that type is and was:

It already works well, but there’s still a lot to do, like showing aircraft routes on a map.
The overall data provides a nice trend that is statistically stable, but since free aircraft data is hard to come by, coverage of regions that are not Europe or North America is not that great unfortunately.

Physically I’ve swapped the commute for a reasonable amount more cycling outside which is nice. Mentally went through the AWS Solution Architect associate and professional certifications and ticked those of. Next up will be to finally update my blog and launch a couple of Slack apps all things I’ve been meaning to do for a while

Since all gyms are closed in my country, I’ve converted my attic in a “make shift” gym. I’ve placed a desk, installed Ubuntu on an old laptop, placed a screen, put down a mat and some dumbells and just watch cardio and resistance workouts on YouTube. It’s a great way to keep myself in shape and to break the day because I work from home all days.

I’m doing something similar. In normal times, I go to the gym every day or two and work out for an hour and a quarter. Since I’m now home all day, I’ve been doing bodyweight and dumbbell workouts next to my desk for fifteen or twenty minutes several times a day. They break up the monotony and refresh my mind for the next round of work. I also fit in extra exercise during Zoom meetings that I only need to listen to.

The result has been that I am staying in shape despite being indoors all day. The staggered workouts may be more effective at building muscle than my usual gym sessions, too.

The greatest benefit of the exercise, though, is the mood elevation.

Restore an old grand piano, play that grand piano, finally learning to read notes properly.

So far so good, it’s pretty good to play now, still need more action regulation. The piano had been stored on its side for years, lots of transport, water and insect damage.

Current project: Intermezzo no. 6 by David Benoit: (sorry, can’t find a youtube link).

Total spent: $100 for the piano, $100 to transport it, $50 to buy string steel to replace the strings that had broken. There is still some worn felt in there as well that will need replacing, mostly on the hammer rest bar and the bottom of the jack support bar. Shaping the hammers was a tricky job (they’d worn down quite a bit, to the point where the original shape was hard to determine).

All in all very satisfying.

Real-time board games over webRTC video chat. I have chess, checkers, and a scrabble clone.

I’ve passed it around to friends and to some low traffic forums. The rendering library is a bit heavy for a board game (it makes my laptop’s fan spin :)) so I’m fixing that before I share it more widely

This is exactly what I was thinking of building, except with newer games like Spyfall, Codenames and Avalon! Would love to see those games on your site, or help build them if I can.

Digitizing some old family movies. On the lockdown front, it’s been nice seen pictures of family. Technically, I’ve had a number of side quests along the way that were more challenging than actually digitizing the old tapes.

If you’re thinking about doing the same, for formats and media, I settled on:

DVDs: yes, they’re old, but they support more resolution than VHS, and practically every new Bluray player still plays them. Also, DVDs support 352×480 resolution. It’s still more than VHS, and you can squeeze more content on the disc or encode it at a higher quality.

VP9+Opus+webm on a DVD. This codec/container combo is supported by Firefox, Chrome, Windows Media Player, and Android, so while new, I expected it to be supported for a long time. AV1 looks promising, but probably not ready.

I’m not bothering, but for iOS, use x264 and AAC in an mp4 container. Those were the only modern codecs and containers I got to work. Also, Apple, x264 and x265 are good, and all, but there’s no excuse to not support VP9.

I’m saving the unencoded files as ffv1/flac in an mkv container.

For the actual DVDs, I’m using MDisc archival media.

I got an iPad and the pencil and I’m drawing a lot. It’s super relaxing and fun to see the finished product. Plus, this is my first time really doing digital art so I’m blown away by how sophisticated the tooling is.


Adobe Fresco for its amazing watercolour experience

Concepts for vector doodling on an infinite canvas (Mischief-like)

I started a blog,, to share a passion of mine: developer productivity. It’s something I’ve done for myself for the past 9 years, reading countless books, trying enumerable tools, and even inventing a few originsl techniques. Now I want to help others who want to be more productive, especially now that corona has accelerated the need for automation.

Building a rabbit hutch and nice area for running with protection against predatory birds.

Working with a friend who went back to the farm three years ago – for context at 40 he’s the youngest person in the village – on local country cooking, sustainable farming, and promoting the area as an attractive break-away resort to breathe some prosperity into what is a really quite sustenance area.

And of course my non-side project that I decided to dive in to at exactly the worst time in a decade. Oh well. But optimistic on that.

Ah man, am I too late?

I had an idea to create a website that shows you how much sugar is in a product. I was too excited and bought the domain name:

The domain name stayed dormant for 6 months, until the quarantine. I created a minimal working product with no design but it works.

This product already exists in the market. But all apps fail at nailing two main problems.

1 – Seamless fast search.

2 – Graphically conveying the sugar measure.

The first one is what I really worked on, to make it fast and intuitive. Still needs improvements. The second one is still a work in progress since I am no designer.

It is a good initiative but I am not convinced. This already exists so the need is not pressing. How did you think of monetizing?

No monetizing scheme so far. I think even if it ends up as a public service, it will be good enough.

I still don’t know how to visually convey sugar. In a matter that is more dramatic. Working on some animations for now.

My cofounder and I threw together a virtual table quiz platform. We stream the questions on YouTube live and accept the answers through a web app I built.

We’ve been able to host quizzes with over 250 teams, scoring their answers in real time. The scoreboard is auto generated and players can make a contribution with stripe.

So far we’ve given over 6k euros to various local charities. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

    1. Aggregate all ebikes for sale in Iceland on
    2. Started Awesome Reykjavík, a community project to make moving
       from abroad to the capital region smoother
    3. Quit consulting and started something new:

Looks great! I am not an expert on this, but I feel like your pricing model is very well thought out. Good work, and good luck!

I wouldn’t be able to use yours because the only sign up option is with a google account.

Ideally, I’d be able to use the service and then create an account (without google) if I chose to save my result.

– a native iOS personal finance app while learning Swift/Xcode/UX
– Backed by two REST API services (one is auth service and other one that manages the finances) written in Spring Boot; running on docker-compose on AWS ec2
– Learning how to run these two services behind nginx proxy and on SSL – using mkcert on local box and letsencrypt on aws ec2.

I installed Blender and started learning to do simple 3D modelling. Really satisfying to get things right, and also frustrating in an almost funny way, it feels like when I started out programming “I just wanna put a button here, how hard can it be!?!?”.

A plus side these days is that it takes enormous amounts of time. For people interested in starting out: My 2019 13″ MBP is fast enough for it to be fun, at least for now. So you don’t need to worry too much about GPU performance.

An app to connect women travelling solo.

I’ve seen women posting on solo travelling facebook groups their current or next location and PM each other, especially in non-english language groups.

With the app, you would receive a notification when a new traveller (speaking your native tongue or not) is close using geolocation, then you check their facebook profile and message them (via messenger).

No need to display the app: you just wait for the notifications (which frequency can be changed). This is my idea for solving the egg & chicken problem, so obviously the app doesn’t display ads (and is free).

App is still in development and will be ready as soon as we can travel out from Europe

Could you tell me more about the camping forums ? Are you from the US ? [email protected]

I’m sorry that my mind is in the gutter but the email reads “Solo Fap” to me, you may want to consider changing it because there are probably plenty of other lonely 20-somethings whose minds are also in the gutter

I always camp by bicycle and my favorite forum is the subreddit bicycletouring. I mainly use reddit for discussions like that.

When you’re ready, I suggest you post a link to the app on some reddit boards. Please.

ha, that’s awesome! I started using this for my side project a couple of days ago (found you via google).

Great product, really useful.

Does it do webhooks? (As in email forwarding to an HTTP/2 endpoint) I am looking for a cheaper alternative to Mailgun.

After falling in love with the Destroy All Software style of genuinely advanced, all-encompassing programming screencasts, I started a YouTube channel with my own twist on the theme: Screencasts situated inside a decade-old, profitable, production web app, ones that emphasize actual workflow.

I’ve been an indie-hacker for 10 years so have seen the effects of my programming decisions over the same period. I’ve seen how fads come and go, sometimes wreaking havoc. I’ve also seen how coding decisions affect business (such as strategies to transform data into seo at scales of 10k+ items). I’ve seen how to keep something running day-and-night as if your livelihood depended on it – since it very much does.

That’s the game plan anyway. I’m five episodes in:

For fun I took up the tenor ukulele. Compared to any other instrument I’ve tried, it’s got a much kinder learning curve. You can sound alright playing four-chord rock and pop songs in easier keys like C major after a month.

A book named “The Common Lisp Condition System”, to be published later this year.

Abstract: This book is intended to be a tutorial that teaches the functioning and example uses of the Common Lisp condition system. It is aimed at beginning and intermediate Lisp programmers, as well as intermediate programmers of other programming languages. It is intended to supplement already existing material for studying Common Lisp as a language by providing detailed information about the Lisp condition system and its control flow mechanisms, as well as description of an example ANSI-conforming implementation of the condition system.

I am getting to know the local birds, growing 2 plants and learning machine learning. Soon, hopefully, I will start building some side apps using ml and maybe teach it to the birds.

Where I’m from, birds is slang for women. Was very confused reading your comment for a second.

I’m writing a career advice book for early career developers.

It’s my first book, and I have to fight a lot of impostor syndrome to give nontechnical advice (because its context dependent and who am I to give it). But the feedback for my prior writing indicates there’s some sort of demand for this, and I do believe that the “soft skills” side of early dev careers aren’t talked about enough.

There’s a lot of “break into tech” and then “go from engineer to engineering manager” content out there. I’m trying to fill the space in between. We’ll see how it goes… aiming to launch June 1st.

– Baking bread, brewing beer, making Kimchi and stews… these things that take time but have such tasty results.
– Re-learning feedback control and linear algebra, then implementing them in C++.
– Learning to fully maintain my road bike: replacing the chain, gears, shifter cables, etc. I still don’t like dirty hands.

I’m working on a programmable tooltip on Mac OS X (, as in you can write your own script (ruby/python/bash) to provide tooltip items.

It’s my first real app on Mac OS X. I started the app before the covid crisis though.

But these days I have so much time to iterate on it…

Inspired by article in Private Eye as well as a need to improve my own mental health during lockdown. Not only have I done five portions of fun a day. I wrote an app/website to help anyone journal Five Fun Things a day.

I still have my day job (working from home), so I haven’t had too much time to pursue side projects, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on Nintendo 64 internals (esp. around the RCP and the microcode thereof) and homebrew, and it’s got my head ticking. If all goes well I should be getting an EverDrive-64 X7¹ in the mail in a couple weeks, which will be a boon for (hopefully) eventually putting all that reading into practice. No practical benefit to this per se, but it does seem to be an interesting potential foray into embedded programming, which has always been a gap in my knowledge that I’ve wanted to fill.

I’ve also been on-and-off learning Zig, both in support of the above (Zig on the N64 seems to be uncharted territory that I’d love to help explore) and in support of development of a Tcl-like programming/scripting/config language (iterating on my learnings from an earlier project of mine² implementing such a language on top of Erlang/OTP); the latter’s something that’s been bouncing around in my head for a few years now, and I feel like I’m at the point where I’m ready to start bouncing those ideas into an Emacs buffer, lol (especially now that I’ve found what seems to be the right host language in which to implement it).

EDIT: oh, and early into quarantine I did submit my first ever patch to wine-staging³ (with quite a bit of help from a couple others, including one of the wine-staging maintainers) to fix a mouse cursor/movement bug in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord under Wine/Proton. It’s a small patch, but it’s my patch nonetheless, and it’s a surreal and proud feeling to see my name in the commits for software I use almost daily. It’s also helped demystify Wine a bit for me, and I look forward to continuing to do my part to make it better.





As someone doing mostly C development at work I’ve really come to enjoy Zig in my side projects at home. At work we are moving a lot of newer development to Rust, which makes sense in terms of safety, the speed we want from C and “modernising”/becoming more attractive as an employer. However, when I’m doing projects for my own amusement at home I want something that doesn’t feel like work, and getting into Zig and have something working took me no time. It’s so easy to interface with C libraries that I can spin up most things with existing C libraries for the things Zig doesn’t already provide itself.

For a one screen setup, I couldn’t find a free and easy way to sync my slide notes on my ipad. So i built this:

It helps you to sync slide notes of PowerPoint slideshow to any device.
Now i am working on google slides add-on.

Building the Redis API using DynamoDB as the storage backend. I want a way to have storage that can handle any load without having to provision server or pay when it wasn’t being used. Dynamo is superb, but the API is too low level and arcane to use directly.

Want to try selling licenses as well, let’s see if I can do open source full time.

Out of interest; what kind of “full experience” is provided when I do disable my ad blocker? Are ads part of the experience?

I’ve used the time to finish a few personal tools/projects I had only in my head or task manager (all in Python). I have actively tried to avoid more “work related” side projects, so I have avoided any Scala or data engineering related ideas I’ve had also for a while.

– A project templating system based on a single Markdown file: (

– Generating a graph visualisation of my notes in the app Bear, with Graphviz (

– A task-executiont tool, a bit like make (

I have also brushed up on D3.js (for a project which hasn’t appeared yet, but the result will also be used for the notes graph as an alternative to Graphviz) and generative coding (using p5js and threejs, the latter for fragment shader fractal stuff,, most are still not up there, but only around my twitter feed). The generative coding path is also taking me towards tone.js and ORCΛ, but so far I have only dabbled in them.

I have also tried to spend a bit less time close to the computer per se (the generative “exploration” is done on my iPad mini in the sofa while watching something, for a start), and I have also tried to play some more music (ukulele, harmonica)

Edit: I always forget comments here are not written in Markdown

Creative writing website for people to write silly hyperfiction novels together. It’s closed beta, but over the last month a handful of us have written about eighty chapters totaling about the length of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We’re slowly looking for more writers that like doing round-robin-ish fiction like that. The site ends up owning the content but it’s doubtful it will ever end up truly publication quality – it’s mostly about just the fun of riffing off each other’s submissions. The first version of the site existed almost 25 years ago so there are a lot of in-progress stories, I just brought it back to life with updated tech because of the virus.

I’m creating (and just soft-launched!) a micro-learning site called smalltuts:

The concept is simple: If twitter + youtube had a baby for learning.

An interesting side effect: I’ve personally had a hard time getting started with writing, and ever since I’ve launched smalltuts, I’ve created a new course almost every day.

I really like the concept! The “mark as done” really helps track things. Would’ve personally preferred if the items collapsed as you marked them as complete.

As one of the examples show this is the perfect way to convey installation / setup guides!

Look forward to how you take the idea forward!

Also learning the uke. I wonder what hacks you’ve figured out? My first insight was:

– it’s easiest to remember chords when you think of them as fundamental ur-shapes with the “bar” shifted up (sometimes requiring additional fingers)

I’m learning Jay Chou songs on the ukulele. Let’s do a collab, maybe there’s some synergy here.

Started on these at mid-March when the recommendation for quarantine came in effect in my country. Most are incomplete and WIP (I love switching back and forth between projects):

– Slack RTM bot which picks up my morning and goodbye messages in our channel and stash the duration into our time registration system so I don’t have to do it manually. Using Slack library for Go, compiled to C library using gccgo for C ABI compatibility, then using Zig’s cImport functionality to develop the bot in Zig (because why do it the easy way)

– mbedTLS bindings to Zig (Zig can generate alot of this out of the box, but I’m tailoring it by hand)

– HTTP/1.1 client in Zig, ties into the mbedTLS bindings I want to provide TLS support

Built a site to connect startups with free MBA interns for the summer (

I’m an engineer exploring “the dark side” and saw a lot of classmates losing internships because of covid.

Contrary to the bad rap I feel that MBAs get amongst hackers, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how kind, scrappy, and effective my classmates are when applied to the right work “around the tech” e.g. marketing, running numbers, and fuzzy stuff that is important as companies grow.

Grew larger than we expected to a lot of other schools.

One disappointment: I wanted to call it “Hire the Dark Side,” but couldn’t find a single MBA who understood the joke!

I’ve been working on a little tool for freelancers/consultants (maybe sales people too!).

It’s designed to make it easier for their clients to book a call/meeting with them, saving them the email ping pong to find a time slot that works for both of them.

Here it is –

Would love to chat with anyone who might find this useful!

Working on a simple 3D game engine. Not going for some advanced rendering techniques, just want to have a map you can walk around. Have implemented the map loading (map from Unity Asset Store) some basic postprocessing effects, sky and skeletal animation so that I can have people walking around.

Using D and OpenGL. Might rewrite it to WebGPU in the future when it gets more stable.

I’ve streamed live events for my local fighting game community for years and run charity events here and there, but COVID left a gap for my favorite game (Tekken 7) and I’ve decided that what better time than now to become a tournament organizer? So now I run something of a madhouse stream, with four total PCs and two separate lobbies to keep things flowing (nobody runs games as fast as we do) and it’s genuinely an absolute blast to do.

Our events are open to the entire East Coast and last week we had 26 players from the US northeast. It is a good time to learn this stuff because it also helps my local community and others get in touch and start finding new players to play for now–and hopefully hang out with/play in person once COVID is lifted.

It’s not exactly a tech side project, but I recorded a 30 minute comedy special in my garage that’s freely streamable. I was hoping to use it to raise some cash for COVID relief through ads, Google keeps denying my AdSense activation, so now I’m hoping someone at least donates to World Central Kitchen or buys a download version:

Now with that shipped, I’m thinking about some actual code projects. 🙂

A platform that brings together people that are mentally struggling with isolation due to Corona with screened volunteers (“Hearts”) that have a professional background in psychotherapy or social work (for free). The technical implementation is a huge hack right now but it works and our 50+ hearts are having video sessions with people from all over the world every day!

Non tech-related, but I have been building a touring bicycle. Very satisfying to get to learn the standards, choose the parts, assemble. Even builded my own wheels! And now I am fixing my friends bike with the tools I have accumulated.

Getting a little off the computer was nice, plus this summer local bike touring will propably be the only option. Can’t wait!

I’m building an open source accounting system with rpc endpoints being the primary method for inputting data and a SQL database that can be queried easily.
For the most part that backend of the system is working how I want. I now need to build more front end ways to communicate to it.
One of the front end methods I’m working on is programmable journal entries. So you write your journal entries in a JavaScript file which gets executed in the context of the accounting system so you will have full access to the account balances. However this is still early stages:

I’m a teacher, and these days I frequently need to email the grades to my students. I created a tool where you can upload a spreadsheet containing name, email, grade, etc of the students and write an email template that references those columns. You can try it here: (you get 30 free emails to start).

I’ve been trying to become a better Clojure programmer, so have been attempting to use Clojure and Clojurescript almost exclusively for my side projects, especially since I don’t use it at work. First I built a real-time version of the board game Gobblet, a pretty cool two-player board game I learned about recently (Kinda like Connect 4 with a surprisingly interesting twist). After getting it to the point where I could play with my friend over the internet I moved on. Now I’m working on a GIS project. I’m really slow at getting things done with Clojure but I can tell I’m getting faster.

I’ve also been enjoying lunchtime and evening walks. Something about going on walks seems to generate many project ideas for me. As a result, my list of projects to work on has been growing way faster than my ability to actually complete those projects.

I’ve finished my Bullet Journal iOS app.
I’ve never really found an iOS app that allowed me to managed tasks like my paper Bullet Journal (which is to heavy to carry around all the time).

Also I’m using a lot the timer with my Apple Watch and I needed something faster than the built in timer and I can’t every time use Siri.
So I made one fast is more fun & faster as well with multiple mode:

I did a show hackernews a month ago and it did pretty well. It’s been pretty great since then.
I have had people write to me thank you emails and some pretty cool stories like one grandparent that told me they used it to read to their newly born grandchild!

On top of that it has got me back into programming which I don’t do in my day job and it finally gave me a project where I can use Phoenix liveview.

Now as a family we have also got into baking bread – we didn’t realize how easy it is to make good bread at home and it just taste so much better. It’s been a lot of fun and the kids love doing it with us.

SaaS for creating, editing and publishing audio content for global audiences Still building a ton of features into it like audio widgets for news sites and blogs, audio editor. Basically making it end-to-end for audio content creators. Also reading Elon Musk’s biography.

I’m building a small tool to automate authorizing and revoking AWS Security group rules.

I’ve been working from home on a sometimes unstable connection, so I’ve been using Mosh a lot. It was a bit tedious to update the security groups manually whenever my IP changed, and I’m also in the process of learning Rust, so this looked like a good project. It’s not yet operational, though.

Built a simple web app for my girlfriend and I to “rate” our dates and add photos. That way we can look back and have a nice digitized archive of time we spent with each other.

Sounds dumb but could be nice one day in the future to be able to look back at it. Also wrote it in Rust so I’m learning a new language while I’m at it.

I’m building TidyCloud. It’s a toolset on top of common cloud storage drives to provide cross platform search, duplicate identification, security risk identification and usage statistics/analytics across your files stored in the cloud

I’m looking for beta users if you dig the idea and want to help out a feel HNer.

Looks valuable! I’ve a question. I’m building something which stores encrypted app data through a user provided cloud storage login.

Could TidyCloud allow for a user to OAuth login and request permission to store files across many storage providers (to ensure availability)?

I’m investigating the way that encounter difficulty is estimated in Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve felt for a long time that the influence the number of opposing monsters have is somewhat exaggerated.

We’ve launched a series of challenges ( 30 riddles and puzzles) themed around a guy named Larry who is in quarantine with his pet hedghehog, for people stuck at home to complete!

This is built in React and backed by Firebase.

This seems promising! I’m usually decent at puzzles but am stuck on the first one and don’t have enough confidence in the puzzle quality to donate to see the first hint.

Building stuff in the apartment and plant care 🙂

On the technical side I am working on – a work achievement tracker with email reminders (soon) and a nice interface to create Self-Reviews/Brag sheets that will ultimately help you with your next promotion/performance review cycle.

Updating – a site for US public accountants to stay on top of license requirements. The site isn’t really for the HN crowd, but it’s been a great experience using Vue/Nuxt on Netlify to serve my static site for free.

I made a tiny service to embed CLOC stats for GitHub repos as an image in the project’s docs –

Also enrolled for the science of well-being course on Coursera last week. Eye opening in some aspects so far!

I’m building a simple analytics tool for client rendered applications (mostly SPAs). The idea is to make it possible to track user action on the client side (through URL changes and button/link clicks and form submissions), without requiring a developer to go through and add event tracking everywhere, while also not collecting information that would require GDPR/Data Privacy notices to be accepted by the end user.

Doesn’t have a website or even a working MVP yet, but if anybody is interested in giving it a whirl when it’s ‘ready’, my email is in my profile.

Kind of a circular activity, but I’m working on an app to help me be productive in quarantine. Planning on making a “Show HN” announcement in a week or to, but for now you can find details at:

Ended up watching some of the F1 guys play videogames and thought it was kinda funny but pretty stupid. Then I kept watching it… and became a little obsessed. Now it’s turned into my time pit (outside of work hours) through a mixture of watching better drivers to learn from them, optimizing my rig and recording setup to allow me to be fully immersed in VR while still capturing video with all sorts of interesting overlays, and trying to mitigate a huge temptation to spend a lot more money on making my setup more elaborate.

I did not get any extra time as both my and I wife work remotely and we’re both employed in the tech sector. We got busier as daycare and school closed down(three kids). I invested all my spare time into gardening. I learned how to level ground, how to garden and take care of plants. Interestingly I did not learn anything tech related.

On top of working from home…

Tilting once again at the windmills of mechanical CAD software. I’ve gotten further than ever before in the coding, and in past attempts built up good knowledge on topological data structures, mathematics of splines, and solving systems of polynomial equations.

Also doing just-for-fun things like playing the guitar, working on a boat design (and learning strength of materials), biking, cooking, etc.

I’ve registered a few domain names for soon-to-start projects:

– – crowdsource them by topic, up/down votes to see which are good

– – similar to above but for various product specs

– – something to connect a slack channel’s messages as input to a Kanban-like-board workflow (unclear use cases/design)

Past projects: (welcome any comments/suggestions)

[0] (all the statuspages on one page),

[1] (hosted git search),

[2] (high-level events to narrow log viewing)

I am making a self hosted or maybe hosted website where you can just import youtube/your videos and you get a link to a podcast feed. None of the existing ones worked for me and I like to listen podcasts before sleeping, and there are a lot of channels which don’t need the video part.

It’s not public yet, but let me know your thoughts about the idea.

It’s a book for adult professionals who suffer from ADHD & distractions. The literature for ADHD is mostly geared towards parents or is too scientific.

I’m writing down all of the strategies and tips that I have learned from countless therapists, doctors, specialists, friends, and articles.

Mostly soldering, building audio gear from kits. Two Neve 1073 microphone preamp clones and one UA 1176 compressor clone (still working on the second).

A simple spaced-repetition flashcard system, where the flashcard decks are github gists.

I know Anki and other alternatives exist, but after having written my own private wiki (10 years ago!), I have found value in DIY’ing important tools.

I was inspired by Youtuber Device Orchestra to try turning a sonic toothbrush into a synthesizer. I got it to work and have made a couple videos:

In case anyone cares I’m sending MIDI to an Arduino board which I programmed to handle the events using a MIDI library. I then convert the midi notes to a frequency which I pulse on two digital pins driving an H bridge, which I hook up directly to the coil on the brush.

I’ve built, a search engine for well-being sessions taking place online. From Yoga and Meditation to Taekwondo or and Dance. The website is free and many of the sessions listed are also free.

Any feedback is welcome!

Also made my own bread. I stale it for four days and make French toast with it. It is night and day better than using store-bought bread.

I also ported a set of APIs I wrote in Ruby over to Python so I could finally learn Python. Mission accomplished!

Built a water wheel for my pond from an old scooter wheel.

Build a Japanese style bridge for my pond.

Built an outdoor cupboard for my balcony where I can keep my martial arts gear (I train on the balcony).

Building a little shed for our bicycles and the roof box for the car.

Computer work has been limited to work stuff.

I made a few digital Montessori tools for my wife and her students. Somewhat unexpectedly, it’s seeing about 15k visitors per day:

There’s a lot more I would like to build, but “real work” takes priority.

I shipped an MVP of an instant messaging app that re-imagines the dynamics of chat. Your conversation is no longer limited to the vertical direction. It can expand in the horizontal direction to separate different but simultaneous topics!

I also did a couple of Show HN posts for it. Didn’t get much traction with either, but it’s ok because I think my next steps are to revise the landing page and get a more proper UI.

Feedback is very welcome!

> Suggestions is terribly welcome!

I assemble no longer receive it. Are you threading nevertheless honest making threads aspect by aspect? The demo is now not all the time making great sense because logically they’re normally all vertical.

And ought to you are only placing threads to the aspect, would now not this require the important thing thread to be squeezed? I can’t take into consideration this would scrutinize factual on a phone excluding in landscape. But I have not frail landscape since I had a bodily keyboard. All the pieces you may maybe maybe honest have tells me here’s what you are doing: a mode commerce.

I deem the demo wants a extra determined example. What does it scrutinize treasure? The demo ought to mute arrangement it abundantly determined what’s occurring and what your product solves. That is your 1 minute to receive me hooked and browse extra. To receive me to safe a scrutinize at it. Original styles, even when extra ambiance friendly, have extra friction, because it is contemporary and things are now not the place aside you quiz. Your demo needs to mutter that it is well price the friction.

Thanks for the feedback — positively agree on the demo! Based completely on some feedback from one of the most principal Divulge HNs, I’m planning to arrangement some mistaken minute chat bot, so users have something to have interaction with (albeit in a extremely scripted/formulaic scheme) as a exchange of sending a hyperlink to a chum. The chat bot will change the static demo entirely.

It’s positively a mode commerce before all the pieces. I purchased unwell of this sample: excellent friend sends message1, message2, message3; I acknowledge reply1, reply2, reply3. And then they seemingly acknowledge to some of (if no longer all) of my replies. Usually it be somewhat determined which message corresponds to which matter, nevertheless it unquestionably’s constantly messy. With XpanXn, it be explicit and visually glaring.

Every matter column is a mounted width. You may maybe maybe be ready to pan across the chat canvas and zoom in/out exactly as you are going to quiz! Undoubtedly, one other motivator used to be incandescent that loads of of us treasure in reality tiny font sizes on their phones. This trend, you tailor font size honest by zooming in/out. There is positively some alternative to enhance that, nevertheless for now, I deem the skill to pan tends to most of that disaster.

Whats the important thing differentiator between this and weak threads in a provider treasure slack?

I deem the differentiator is two-fold.

1. Threads are now not secondary. There is now not any secondary window, and threads assemble no longer receive lost in the amalgamation of major window messages. All threads are provided equally, which brings me to…

2. It’s visual. You behold the overall graph — how the dialog flows — and you as we roar have interaction with the chat canvas.

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