Ask HN: Recommend a maths e book for a teen

Jan Gullberg - Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers Review What does mathematics mean? Is it numbers or arithmetic, proofs or equations? Jan Gullberg starts his massive historical overview...

Jan Gullberg – Mathematics: From the Initiating of Numbers Review
What does arithmetic mean? Is it numbers or arithmetic, proofs or equations? Jan Gullberg starts his wide historical overview with some perception into why human beings gain it essential to “reckon,” or count, and what math ability to us. From there to the last chapter, on differential equations, is a extremely lengthy, nonetheless surprisingly engrossing creep. Mathematics covers how symbolic good judgment suits into cultures around the area, and affords spell binding biographical tidbits on mathematicians from Archimedes to Wiles. It be a wide e book, copiously illustrated with goofy small line drawings and caricature reprints. However the accurate appeal (a minimal of for math buffs) lies within the scads of considerations–with solutions–illustrating the ideas. It truly invitations readers to take a seat down down with a cup of tea, pencil and paper, and (ahem) a calculator and initiate fixing. Be acutely aware the first time you “obtained it” in math class? With Mathematics you may perchance well recapture that bliss, and perchance study something contemporary, too. All americans from schoolkids to professors (and even in all probability die-no longer easy mathphobes) can gain something helpful, informative, or tantalizing here. –Therese Littleton

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