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Armie Hammer Spotted for 1st Time in the Cayman Islands Since March Abuse Allegations

Ryann Lenett



Armie Hammer the 34-year-old actor and social media personality was seen for the first time in the Cayman Islands, since being accused of sexual abuse back in March. He was noticed wearing a grey T-shirt and dark sunglasses in Macabuca Bar & Grill, as per the sources available. 

The Cayman Islands used to be a favorable location for the actor and his family to spend time during the pandemic. But things turned sour for him during the July of 2020 when her wife Elizabeth Chambers pushed for a divorce after ten years of marriage. With this, many obscure incidents followed. But the last nail in Hammer’s grief coffin was when his chats with several women went viral online. Hammer was clearly having an affair with multiple partners and most of the text messages were filled with disturbing fantasies about rape and cannibalism. This incident eventually would go on to become the biggest backlash in Hammer’s career. 

As the news about the sexual harassment gathered wind, it started to affect his professional life too. He lost a couple of lucrative brand deals and news broke that he quit his role in Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding. According to Hammer, “he took this step to be close to his daughter Harper,6, and son Ford, 4. As he couldn’t leave them alone for shooting a 4-month long film in the Dominican Republic. Taking into account the turbulent times he was going through”. 

In the coming days, more bad scandalous news followed as Hammer was dropped by his personal publicist and by WME. When he was found branding his ex-girlfriend Paige Lorenze by carving his initials into her lower hip. The 23-year old model spoke about her time with Hammer to be a real nightmare. She said and we quote, “I was traumatized by the experience, it was like a real-life 50 Shades of Grey without the element of love”. Two months later, another woman named Effie Angelova said that she was violently raped by Hammer when she was not in her senses. According to her, “Hammer was employing manipulation tactics on her to exert control over her until she started to lose control”.  She also added, “He would often test my loyalty for him, cross my boundaries and act emotionally and sexually violent to get his way around”.

On the flip side of the coin, Hammer’s attorney has dismissed all such claims, calling them “patently untrue”. But this hasn’t stopped the Los Angeles Police Department to initiate a sexual assault investigation against him.

Hammer’s now-estranged wife Elizabeth was shocked after hearing these headlines. As of now, she is solely focussing on her children and waiting for the court’s approval for the divorce.

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