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Apple’s Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset: Launching Soon

Ryan Lenett



Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality headset is set to transform the world of spatial computing. Launching on February 2, the device is now available for pre-order at a premium price of $3,499.99. This cost equates to nine Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth collector’s editions or a similar number of PlayStation 5 consoles. The Vision Pro promises to channel various experiences, such as TV, phone, laptop, and tablet interactions into a private and personal display, with the user’s hands as controllers.

Capabilities and Features

  • Multi-functional Use: The headset allows users to run mobile apps, join FaceTime calls, watch movies, mirror Mac screens, play Apple Arcade titles, and manipulate 3D objects.
  • Entertainment and Gaming: Despite lacking certain popular apps like Netflix and YouTube at launch, the headset compensates with exclusive Disney Plus content, including 3D movies and themed environments.
  • Gaming Experience: The device offers games like Game Room, What the Golf?, and Super Fruit Ninja, highlighting its spatial capabilities. Additionally, it supports over 100 iPad games, including NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition and Sonic Dream Team, with compatibility for wireless connection to DualSense or Xbox controllers.
  • Mac Compatibility: Featuring the ability to mirror a Mac’s display via the Sidecar feature, the headset potentially supports Mac-compatible games, although this is not explicitly marketed for gaming purposes.

Technical Specifications

The Vision Pro stands out with its impressive technical specs, boasting over 4K resolution per eye, fast refresh rates, and OLED screens. Its quality and build surpass those of the Valve Index, positioning it as a high-end VR headset, although it lacks the extensive VR content available on Windows via Steam.

Market Performance and Pre-Order Trends

  • Pre-Order Sales: According to analyst Min-Chi Kuo, Apple sold approximately 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro headsets over the weekend, surpassing the initial production figures of 60,000 to 80,000 units.
  • Shipping Times: Kuo noted that shipping times remained unchanged within the first 48 hours, indicating a potential drop in demand after the initial rush by heavy users and hardcore fans.
  • Comparative Demand: Unlike iPhone orders, which usually see an increase in shipping times post-launch, the Vision Pro’s demand appears more muted, reflecting its niche market positioning.
  • Potential for a Cheaper Model: Apple may consider releasing a more affordable model in the $1,500 to $2,500 range, as suggested by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Future Prospects and Challenges

With the Vision Pro constituting only about 0.007 percent of Apple’s 1.2 billion active users, it remains a niche product. Apple faces the challenge of sustaining demand before its global launch, rumored to be before WWDC in June. To bolster interest, Apple is setting up demo areas in its US flagship stores, offering 25-minute sessions to potential buyers.


Apple’s new Vision Pro mixed reality headset has made a big splash in the world of tech. It merges different types of experiences into one immersive gadget. Though it’s expensive and doesn’t have all the popular apps right now, the headset’s cool features and unique content show us what the future could look like. Apple diving into mixed reality is a huge deal, and it’s sparking exciting changes in this growing field.

The steep price tag of the Vision Pro and the current shortage of certain hit streaming apps might be setbacks, but there’s a lot to love about this device. With its exclusive material, top-notch tech, and room for growth, the Vision Pro has caught the attention of both gadget lovers and pros. Apple is ready to lead the way as virtual and mixed-reality technologies develop, reshaping how we interact with our digital world. More than just another gadget, the Vision Pro mirrors Apple’s drive for creativity and first-class quality. It’s not plain old tech; it’s a peek into tomorrow, ready for us to dive in today.

For more information on the Vision Pro and its features, visit Apple’s official Vision Pro page.

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