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Apple Made an Oopsie: Be Careful What You Tweet!




How many times have you been in the situation where you tried to do something, but then it backfired? Well Apple did this and it’s leaking the technology world now, especially twitter. Bloomberg Technology claims that Apple revealed its own biggest news of the year using Twitter, redistributing a video of the new iPhone approximately 45 minutes before its management would disclose it live at the businesses yearly event in San Francisco.  Looks like someone jumped the gun with details regarding the new IPhone 7. A video of the iPhone’s waterproof features was shared over 1,500 times before it was removed from Twitter.

It also exposed that the IPhone would have a dual camera, stereo speakers and better/longer battery life. Encouraging users to pre-order the phone this upcoming Friday the 17th. All the information and tweets were deleted from twitter a short amount of time after they were released. The thing is, this was no hacker or scam. Apple legitimately posted it as indicated with the blue checkmark on twitter. You would believe the intention would be to promote the phone and open things up, but I guess it was too soon. All in all, someone’s going to face the consequences for this action, possibly getting fired who knows. It’s possible someone from the company did this for their own gains? Obviously no one had idea that this wasn’t supposed to happen and be revealed on social media.

Is leaking information or data really a thing these days with employees? Cisco believes so. 70 percent of IT experts consider the use of programs not permitted produced in as many as half of their companies’ data loss occurrences. 44 percent of employees distribute work devices with others without administration. 39 percent of IT experts said they have dealt with an employee accessing unofficial parts of a company’s facility.

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