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Apple has Released the Specifics of AirTag’s Latest Firmware Updates, Showcasing its Exciting New Features!

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Apple has Released the Specifics of AirTag's Latest Firmware Updates, Showcasing its Exciting New Features!

Since the launch of AirTag in November, Apple has issued two firmware updates with little detail on what changed. Fortunately, users have now discovered that Apple has officially revealed all of the new features included in their recent updates for AirTag.

What’s New

Apple recently released firmware versions 2.0.24 and 2.0.36 of their AirTag, as outlined in a support article on their website, introducing exciting new features to the product! On November 10th, version 2.0.24 was released with Precision Finding – meaning iPhone users can now locate any unknown AirTags quickly and easily!

To prevent stalking, Apple rolled out a new feature earlier this year that uses Precision Finding and sound alerts to quickly detect and disable any unknown AirTags moving with the user. When an iPhone senses an unidentified AirTag nearby, it immediately sounds off so that the person can take action.

Apple has also improved notifications in the event of an AirTag moving away from its owner. Keep in mind, though, that some of these features require the U1 chip with Ultra Wideband technology and are only available on iPhone 11 or higher.

On December 12th, Apple released AirTag firmware update 2.0.36, which fixed a problem where the accelerometer within the AirTag was not turning on in several circumstances. This sensor most likely assists iPhones in recognizing when an AirTag is being moved about and helps offer more precise tracking for users!

Figuring out how to update an AirTag can be confusing and difficult.

Apple reports that the item tracker will be automatically refreshed when it is in range of your iPhone. Regrettably, there is no straightforward way to update an AirTag. An AirTag update cannot be forced, as it is only triggered via a connected iPhone. To guarantee the update goes through, put your AirTag near your ‌‌iPhone, and wait while it downloads. You can confirm what version of firmware you have on your AirTag with our ‘how-to’ guide inside the Find My app.

In November, Apple unexpectedly rolled out the 2A24e AirTags firmware to a select group of users. However, they then quickly retracted it as if something had gone awry. The official launch of this particular version with an updated model replaces what was previously released two months ago.

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