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Apple to Come Out With New iPhone Soon




Apple has spent the last ten years completely revolutionizing the smartphone industry. The Apple iPhone 6 is still the hottest selling smartphone in history – convincingly edging out the Samsung Galaxy for the top spot in terms of global sales.

Does Apple have another trick up its sleeve this time around, though? Can the company that confidently sends its intuitive hardware out without instruction manuals give fans something that they can use today and continue to stay one step ahead of the curve?

Fans and smartphone enthusiasts will find out soon as Apple unveils the tenth-anniversary iPhone X. That’s the working name for the new iPhone that will come loaded with incredible features like an edge-to-edge display as well as facial recognition technology. Apple is looking to push the envelope while expanding on what it is that fans already love about their iPhone 6s and iPhone 7s.

In total fans can expect Apple to unveil two new phones in addition to the new iPhone X. Apple TV and a fresh iteration of the Apple Watch are two more products that Apple insiders say should be unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theater. Steve Jobs is someone who cast a very big shadow, which Apple designers and developers are still very much responding to and riffing on today.

Of course, all of these new offerings are perfectly timed for the holiday season. Apple has sold more than an astounding one billion iPhones over the last ten years (the first iPhone came out in 2007). Although Apple has seen its share of changes over the last decade – most prominently the passing of Steve Jobs – the company is jumping to the foreground to show that it can still innovate.

The Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone X are both slated to be unveiled at Steve Jobs Theater in California this week. Higher memory capacity, greater battery life, and sharper displays are all slated to make the final cut for these iPhones that should go on sale before Thanksgiving. Facial recognition software and 3-D sensors are additional bells and whistles that Apple is putting in the mix to sweeten the deal for consumers.

The HomePod is another product set to be unveiled. Clearly with Apple TV and Apple HomePod, which rivals Amazon’s Alexa, there’s a battle brewing between Apple and Amazon that won’t be resolved any time soon. The upshot is consumer paradise.

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