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Angelina Jolie: Reevaluating Life and Career Beyond Hollywood




Famous actress Angelina Jolie talked openly to The Wall Street Journal about her life and work. She’s 48, has acted in lots of movies, and does charity work too. Now she thinks differently about being an actress. Her parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand were actors, so she grew up in Hollywood. But today, she’s not so sure about it. She said, “I wouldn’t be an actress today.” She doesn’t like that everyone’s always watching and wanting to know about her private life. That keeps her from wanting to act in 2023. Instead, she likes the theater more than Hollywood. She wants to keep things real out of the spotlight.

The Impact of Personal Struggles on Career Choices

Jolie’s life, significantly shaped by her high-profile relationship and subsequent split from actor Brad Pitt, has influenced her career trajectory. The couple, who met on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and later earned the moniker “Brangelina,” faced intense media scrutiny during their relationship and more so during their divorce proceedings. Jolie’s health also suffered due to the stress, leading to conditions like Bell’s palsy. The couple’s ongoing legal battles over custody and assets, including their French winery Château Miraval, have made headlines over the years. This turmoil led Jolie to limit her film projects, choosing roles that wouldn’t require long periods away from her children.

  • Family Focus: Jolie emphasized her devotion to her six children and her intent to provide a stable, healing environment for them. Her family remains her priority, as she juggles her roles as a mother and a professional.
  • Health Concerns: The stress from her public and personal life led to significant health issues, including fluctuations in blood sugar and the development of Bell’s palsy.

Seeking Authenticity and New Horizons

In her quest for authenticity, Jolie has found solace in her humanitarian work, notably with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her experiences in war-torn countries like Cambodia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Pakistan have deeply impacted her worldview. Jolie shared, “My closest friends are refugees,” highlighting the profound connections she has made through her work.

  • Humanitarian Efforts: Jolie’s work with refugees has provided her with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, connecting her with people who have faced immense challenges.
  • Future Plans: She expressed a desire to eventually move from Los Angeles, seeking to spend more time at her home in Cambodia. This decision is partly influenced by the restrictions she faced post-divorce in terms of travel and living freely.

Embracing Life Beyond the Silver Screen

Jolie’s outlook has changed a lot, and it’s not just about the roles she picks for movies. It also affects how she lives her life and what she believes. She’s been through all the ups and downs that come with being famous. Now she understands that fame is short-lived and it’s better to focus on things that matter.

  • Privacy Matters: Jolie’s aversion to the invasive nature of modern celebrity culture has prompted her to seek a life less centered around public attention.
  • Seeking Deeper Connections: Her interactions and friendships with people from conflict zones have provided her with a more profound sense of connection and understanding of the world.

Angelina Jolie’s Evolution: From Hollywood to Humanitarian

Angelina Jolie’s journey reflects a transformation from a Hollywood starlet to a globally conscious humanitarian and devoted mother. While her film career has seen remarkable success, her personal experiences and challenges have reshaped her priorities and outlook on life.

  • Career Shift: Jolie’s choice to limit her Hollywood engagements stems from her desire to stay closer to her family and her disillusionment with the industry.
  • Personal Growth: Her experiences, both challenging and enriching, have led to significant personal growth and a redefined sense of purpose.

For more details on Angelina Jolie’s career and life, visit The Wall Street Journal. In summary, Angelina Jolie’s reflections in her recent interview provide a candid look at the complexities of balancing a high-profile career with personal struggles and commitments. Her journey underscores the importance of authenticity, family, and humanitarian work in her life.

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