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An Asset Management Firm Is Starting A BTC Lightning Network Startup Accelerator

Cam Speck



An Asset Management Firm Is Starting A BTC Lightning Network Startup Accelerator

The startup accelerator will have four 8-week programs every year. The people who are successful in the program will get $250,000, and one person at the end of the program will get an extra $500,000. Stone Ridge, the company that owns the Bitcoin company NYDIG, has started a new program called In Wolf’s Clothing. This program is for startups that want to work on the Bitcoin Lightning Networknet and the Taro protocol.

The accelerator program is an 8-week long event that invites the best startup teams from around the world to come to New York City. The founders will have their travel and accommodation expenses completely covered. Teams that are both accepted into and complete this program will get a guaranteed investment of $250,000. A panel of judges will also choose one team to receive an additional $500,000 funding during the demonstration day. There will be four programs per year. The first program is now open for people to apply. The program will commence in April of next year.

As Kelly Brewster, the CEO of the wolf, said, some benefits to the program include one-on-one mentorships and access to various specialists.

Although the economy has been unstable, and Bitcoin’s value has decreased rapidly, the Lightning Network still manages to grow quickly. The recent surge in Bitcoin value, breaching the 5,000 BTC threshold after only hitting 4,000 BTC in June, suggests that the digital currency will continue to grow despite difficulties.

The Lightning Network is a solution that operates on an additional layer built on Bitcoin. Using the Lightning Network, users can send very small amounts of Bitcoin quickly and with less expensive transaction fees.

The Taro Protocol is a protocol that uses Taproot technology to allow people to transfer assets from the Bitcoin blockchain to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Taro allows Lightning Network to support multiple assets with Bitcoin as its foundation.

At the time of writing, the network’s capacity is 5,140 BTC. This is 5.43% more than last month. Median transaction fees are less than one-millionth of a cent per satoshi.

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