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An Anti-cloud Hacking Venture was Recently Awarded $8.7 Million in Funding

Cam Speck



An Anti-cloud Hacking Venture Was Recently Awarded $8.7 Million In Funding

An innovative startup Rezonate, which safeguards cloud computing infrastructure from malicious hackers, unveiled an $8.7 million funding round, emerging from its stealthy state and into the spotlight!

The Anti-cloud hacking venture Rezonate is your safeguard against malicious attacks by immediately discovering and analyzing every element of identities, users, and resources in all clouds – protecting you from the start. With its thorough narrative of each identity, exposure, and threat, this platform allows both security and software development teams to quickly identify the risks, prioritize them accordingly and take action to eliminate access dangers. The company asserts that its platform can save DevOps teams two hours per fix they make in the cloud while simultaneously slashing the risk exposure exploitation time window by 87%.

A recent analysis of over 3,000 firms discovered that an astounding 70% reported having been hacked or had their data leaked when utilizing large cloud infrastructures. Rezonate provides companies with an up-to-date analysis of potential risks, exposures, and active threats. Not only that – but it also provides insight into the source of these issues and their potential damage. The company asserts that it eliminates blindspots and links the cloud’s vulnerabilities to attackers’ activities, thereby creating an optimized response action with no manual intervention.

Roy Akerman, CEO of Rezonate, proclaimed that the constantly-transforming cloudscape combined with an abundance of human and machine identities necessitates an alternative method. Modern infrastructures demand a responsive and exact method of outsmarting malicious intruders. Cloud identities and access can now be primed with a system that is constantly adapting to present conditions instead of relying solely on outdated snapshots. For the first time ever, this gives defenders and builders the power to act with assurance.

Ori Amiga, the Chief Technology Officer at Rezonate, proclaimed: “It is truly astonishing that in merely ten months since we began writing code for our product, multiple customers are already benefiting from it! This speaks volumes about the importance of safeguarding cloud identity and access. As today’s world is constantly evolving with fluctuating infrastructures, DevOps teams call for a solution as agile and automated as their environment.”

Rezonate has been fortunate to have the backing of State of Mind Ventures and Flybridge, as well as investments from Merlin Ventures’ seed fund and toDay Ventures.

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