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America’s New Visa Policy To Attract Russian Scientists




The Biden administration is launching a new visa policy aimed to lure some of the best Russian developers in semiconductors, cybersecurity, and space by waiving strict visa requirements for highly educated Russians who want to migrate to the U.S.

  • The proposal would waive specific visa requirements for qualified Russians.
  • U.S. enticing experts in semiconductors, cybersecurity, space, etc.

Intention of USA

Russia has some of the best scientists and researchers globally, mainly in Defence and engineering. The USA wants to lure these scientists into benefiting the U.S. economy research and national security and, at the same time, weaken Russia.

The president of the USA wants an easy process to give citizenship to top Russian scientists retiring in Semiconductor, Space technology, cybersecurity, advanced computing, nuclear science, and Defence.

Changes In Visa Rules

The following changes have been made to Visa requirements:

  • The relaxed US visa rules would apply to Russian nationals who have a master’s or doctoral degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related subjects.
  • The degree must be from a US-based institute or some other approved institute.
  • The new rule will scrape the need to have a current employer for eligible individuals.
  • The said changes will be applied for 4 years.
  • There will be no changes in the immigration vetting process, visa fees, etc.

Biden’s assurance for Russian scientist

The U.S. government promises to give Russian scientists and researchers special visas without hassle. They will be assured of:

  • Citizenship without many documents.
  • A better place to live with their family.
  • Security from the external threat.
  • All the previous records were deleted.
  • Give government jobs in reputed U.S. organizations.
  • Good salary and lifestyle.

The U.S. executed a similar plan and was successful from 1945-to 1959

The U.S. carried out a similar program from 1945 to 1959 that famous operation is known as Operation Paperclip.

‘’The operation began when America came to know that Hitler had created this whole arsenal of nerve agents,” Jacobsen says.

They had no thought that Hitler was operating on a bubonic plague weapon. That is actually where Paperclip began, which was unexpectedly the Pentagon realizing, ‘Wait a minute, we need these weapons for ourselves.

 But just inspecting the weapons wasn’t enough, and the U.S. military wasn’t the only nation eyeing Nazi scientists—their one-time allies in the Soviet Union were doing the same thing. If the Soviets were proceeding to press their former enemies into service, American military officials didn’t want to be left behind.

So the U.S. government hatched a plan to bring 88 Nazi scientists seized during the fall of Nazi Germany back to America and get them back on the job.

Wrapping up!!

This new change in policy is brought up keeping in mind the exodus of highly skilled employees fleeing Russia, especially in the backdrop of the restrictions imposed on Russia because of the Ukraine war. We will have to wait and see if this government move reaps results.

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