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Amazon’s New PR Strategy is Trolling US Congress Members

Jaleel M



Generally brands maintain a very diplomatic view on matters when it concerns politics, specially. In a sheer turn of events, Amazon, in its evidently weird PR strategy has been starting to pick up petty arguments with the US congress members.

This can be rightly concluded where Amazon’s News Account on Friday was relentlessly targeting people like Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Elizabeth Warren on Friday stated with help of a tweet, including her video, stating, “Amazon exploits “loopholes and tax havens to pay close to nothing in taxes.” Further she also pointed out towards there being a “growing mountain of evidence” revealing that Amazon pays extremely less taxes as compared to the sales and the profits reported by them.


In response to this tweet (wherein no Amazon accounts were tagged), Amazon News tweeted back, “you make the tax laws @SenWarren; we just follow them. If you don’t like the laws you’ve created, by all means, change them. Here are the facts: Amazon has paid billions of dollars in corporate taxes over the past few years alone.”


Well, of course, this was not taken well by the Senate, so she tweeted back stating that she had not written about the loopholes that the company is exploiting. She also stated that despite being a Big Tech, there were not powerful enough to heckle he senators with their so-called ‘snotty’ tweets.


The Amazon news account did not keep quiet at this, pointing out that the senator was trying to “break up an American company so that they can’t criticize her anymore.”


Of course, there is no name behind the News account and it is an anonymous way to point out, criticize and even battle with the senators for no good cause or purpose. This actually seems like a PR stunt. This very Amazon news account also denied all allegations against the recent work environment revelation in the brand’s warehouse. The company was called out for hypocrisy as there was enough evidence that was suggesting that the delivery workers were forced to urinate into water bottles.


There was a prior twitter war with Senate Mark Pocan as well who pointed out about the working conditions at the warehouse. Amazon News twitter account, again, expressed their opinion on the same, tweeting, “You don’t really believe the peeing in bottles thing, do you? If that were true, nobody would work for us. The truth is that we have over a million incredible employees around the world who are proud of what they do, and have great wages and health care from day one.”


Thus, there is enough responsiveness from both sides and ends. While brands generally try to ignore or avoid responding to senator’s targeting, Amazon News is kind of too gung-ho about it. Wondering if this stride is going to continue as Amazon certainly is gaining attention because of this. All responses are getting a lot of retweets, likes and shares. So, Amazon is definitely basking in the glory of this online battleground.

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