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Amazon to roll out palm-scanning payment method in Whole Foods

Jaleel M



The e-commerce giant Amazon Inc. is set to widen its palm-scanning payment mode to Seattle’s Whole Foods store. The company announced the move on Wednesday and this is the initial one of all the planned ones in the near future.

Amazon One debuted in September last year and is being used by some physical stores of the company. It allows customers to pay for their purchases by placing their palms on a scanner. For the very first time using this kiosk, the users need to link their credit card with their palm’s print, and from then, placing the palm would be enough.

Amazon One isn’t the same as Just Walk Out, another invention from the company. The latter enables the users to pick the items and leave the store without entering the checkout row. But these two technologies are capable of working along, and Amazon employs these at its Amazon Go stores.

The company is in plans to launch the Amazon One initially at the Whole Foods store from Capitol Hill in Seattle, which is near to the company’s headquarters. The technology will soon be rolled out in seven of the Whole Foods stores in Seattle.

A statement from the company said that this technology wouldn’t affect the stores’ employees’ jobs as it would be launched as one of the many payment modes offered by Whole Foods. The Whole Foods chain was bought by Amazon for around $13 million in 2017.

Amazon’s statement from September last year read that the company was involved in “active discussions” with numerous potential customers. The company now hopes to sell this technology to different firms including office buildings, retailers, and a lot more.

The company claims that thousands of people have already agreed to use the palm-scanning technology at Amazon’s stores. However, it isn’t yet clear if the company has any signed agreements with others to use its technology.

Amazon claims that the palm-scanning technology’s design is extremely secure and considers this technology safer and private than the other types of biometrics like facial recognition, etc.

The company recently organized a product launch event, wherein it introduced different products that would be available in the coming months. Devices like iPad Pro, iMac, the purple iPhone 12, and many more were introduced in the event. Amazon stated that most of these products would be available from mid-May and the pre-orders will open from the 30th of April.

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