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Amazon India Launches New ‘Bazaar’ Vertical for Affordable Fashion

Ryan Lenett



On April 6, 2024, Amazon India launched a big new feature called “Bazaar.” This fresh section is built for folks looking to spend less, packed with tons of unbranded but trendy clothes and stuff for your home. By rolling out Bazaar, Amazon India is getting into the booming budget and fast fashion scenes that are spreading all over.

What’s in the Bazaar?

You can find Bazaar right inside the Amazon India app if you’re using Android. It’s chock full of super cheap finds from cool outfits to things you need around the house. Here’s what’s up for grabs-

  • Clothes and accessories for everyone, no matter who you are or how old you might be.
  • Shoes, bling, and bags that are both decent quality and easy on your wallet.

Stuff like pots and pans, fluffy towels, sheets and covers for your bed and home décor items.
Starting at just 129 Indian rupees ($1.55) for cool Tshirts, and sneakers costing less than $3, Bazaar has jumped into the lowprice scene with both feet. They’re not just to reel in newcomers. They want to make sure regular Amazon shoppers have even more to choose from.

“We’re always cooking up new ways to satisfy our customers and support our sellers. Launching the Amazon Bazaar page on lets folks stumble upon and buy super cheap fashion and house gear put up by sellers, particularly those from India’s big manufacturing areas,” said a rep from Amazon India.

Strategic Impact and Market Competition

Bazaar’s debut throws Amazon into the ring with other wallet friendly online shops like Flipkart’s Shopsy and the Soft Bank funded Meesho. These guys have already dug their heels into this part of the market, serving up budget buys that catch the eye of shoppers who love a good deal.

Amazon has launched Bazaar to cater to Indian customers who care a lot about prices. It offers loads of products at low prices and wants to compete directly with local heavyweights.
Bernstein’s industry experts say that since FY19, the cheapest and quickest fashion parts of online shopping are growing super fast. Amazon’s Bazaar isn’t just trying to make money from this growth. It also wants a bigger slice of the pie in an area where it’s already battling hard with others.

Future Outlook and Expansion Plans

Bazaar is Amazon’s way of turning its attention to shoppers watching their wallets, changing from its usual focus on expensive stuff and topnotch services. Since February, they’ve been getting sellers on board by offering sweet deals like easy shipping, no commission fees, and a promise of lots of customers. This makes sure they have plenty of different goods that are affordably priced.

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