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Alfred gets clever on iPad now integrates with Facebook, to curate Group-Deals





Perhaps you remember our last post on Alfred in July. Guess what, it gets clever. Previously made available on iPhone and Android smart phones, the mobile app has now arrived on iPad with some added features.

With its latest deep integration with Facebook, Alfred learns more about you via its Facebook data mining feature. So, whenever you ‘Like’ on something on Facebook, Alfred will take it into your behavior profile. Besides that, whenever you tag a place in Facebook status update, Alfred will ask you to rate the place.

Its recommendation is presented in more detail than before with added information such as interest graph, letting you know how many people actually liked the recommended place.

In addition, the stream of recommendations has been added and you can scroll through the recommendations with breeze. The recommendations are arranged by your interests at your specific area. It is no longer limited to only 10 recommendations.

Its integration with Google Maps has been optimized and it plots all recommendations on the map (same feature used by in locating people near you) so that you can easily measure the distance of each recommendation to you.


Besides the normal restaurant and hang-out place recommendations, the developers are working to make Alfred integrates with online group deals such as Groupon and Living Social.

There are plans for Alfred to integrate with Foursquare (which will be happening soon) and to be followed by Twitter that will let Alfred to learn via geotags and mentions.

Alfred was launched on 19th July by Clever Sense, a Mountain View-based startup company which focuses on integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning engine, raised US$1.6 million from angel funding.

Alfred is now available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone. The tablet version for Android will be available soon.

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