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Airports Are Evolving Thanks To Technological Advancements




The thought of going to an airport is not as attractive as it was a few decades ago. It’s not just the drive to the airport, or the riding around in circles to find a parking spot in the overcrowded parking garages. And it’s not just the long security lines or the delayed flights that send most travelers into an alternative reality. It’s all of those things, and the small seats, pay-for-everything service and well, the fact that you must do it all over again to get back home.

It’s too late for most of the baby boomers to take advantages of the technological advancements that are on the drawing board or in process at airports and in the aviation industry in general. But the Millennials will be the generation that will cash in on some fancy upgrades that airports and airlines have in mind. According to article, travelers will arrive at airport terminals in autonomous vehicles within 20 years. And then their eyes, fingers, and faces will go through a scanning process. Personal bags will have permanent identification codes, and the bags will get to the airport before the traveler does. And airports will turn into entertainment destinations for people who don’t travel. People will want to go to an airport to eat, shop, watch a movie, or see a concert. And some employers may move their offices there.

And here’s more good news. Travelers will be able to move around the terminals faster and the waiting time will be brief. But the bad news is, airports will know everything about everyone moving through the terminals. And airport security will use a constant screening process, so the security lines will disappear. The anxiety of taking shoes off, pulling laptops out of a bag, as well as the personal frisk process, will be ancient history.

Handling bags using new technology is still in the development stage, but there is little doubt; that issue will be under control by the year 2040. In fact, all the airport issues baby boomers went through will be a thing of the past. Airports will be more efficient. And they will be big money generators for the economy. People who fly always spend money, but the people who will come to airports for entertainment, and, to enjoy the perks these new technological advancements offer, will spend more money. And thanks to autonomous vehicles people will use them instead of airplanes if they are traveling 500 miles or less.

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